Spraying or Wiping: What Is the Best Way to Apply Skin Toner?

Some skin care companies package their facial toners in spray bottles allowing users to easily apply to their skin after cleansing their face. While this can be an easy and convenient way to get toner onto the skin; wiping rather than spraying the face using a cotton pad or ball is the preferred method.

Why? Wiping is a better method as toners are designed to remove cleanser residue and (most importantly) salts, chlorines, and chemicals from tap water that may dehydrate the skin. A wiping action will properly remove all of these harmful elements. When spraying a toner on to the skin, you are simply diluting these chemicals not removing them. Make sure to use an alcohol-free toner (alcohol-based toners are extremely drying and irritating), wipe it over the skin with our popular Toning Cloths, and if you choose, mist afterwards. Be sure to leave the toner damp on your skin before applying serum or moisturizer to seal in all the hydrating properties of the toner.

My full collection of alcohol-free toners can be found here which use caps and not sprayers for the reasons stated above.

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