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Top Skin Donts and Sins
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OMG! The 9 Worst Skin Sins I’ve Ever Heard

After 30 years of working hands-on with clients as an esthetician, I've had thousands of conversations about skin and let ... Continue
tips to give your skin a makeover
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Need A Serious Skin Overhaul? Start Doing These 10 Things NOW

Okay, enough is enough. You’re tired of your skin woes and feeling frustrated every time you look in the mirror ... Continue
Skin Care Emergencies & Solutions
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The Five Most Common Skin Emergencies — Solved!

Even though you take the best care of your skin with the knowledge you have, there are times when unexpected ... Continue
washing face with bar soap bad
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The One Product I Never, Ever Use On My Skin

Using bar soap on your face is not healthy for your skin and it's something that I never, ever recommend ... Continue
facial exfoliator scrub
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Why This “Unpopular” Product Should Still Remain In Your Skincare Routine

Over the past 30 years of being an esthetician, I've learned that the skincare industry is much like the fashion ... Continue
cleansing your skin
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8 Surprising Cleansing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Washing your face. It should happen twice a day, every day and if not done correctly, it could be holding ... Continue
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5 Skin Care Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes & Tips To Correct Them

These are the five most common skin care mistakes (and most detrimental to health of their skin!) I hear people ... Continue
Don't Try These At-Home Skincare Trends

Don’t Try These At-Home Skincare Trends

Lately, there's been a continuous rise of skin care obsessives taking to the internet to post about their newest skincare ... Continue
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Double Cleansing Method. What You Might Be Doing WRONG.

If you’re not familiar with the double cleansing trend, it is a technique recently popularized by Korean beauty bloggers. It's ... Continue
5 Important Things To Know When Reading A Skincare Product Review
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5 Important Things To Know When Reading A Skincare Product Review

Have you ever read a rave review about a skin care product from a celebrity, beauty editor, beauty blogger or ... Continue