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Summer Skincare Routine
Seasonal, Sun Protection

Here’s How You Should Update Your Routine For Summer

Once boots and sweaters have been relegated to the back of your closet, it's officially time to start updating your ... Continue
woman on beach in shade

This Should Be Your First Defense Against Damaging Sun Exposure

There's been a lot of buzz surrounding the health and safety of sunscreen lately. Mostly it is the result of ... Continue
skin rash on the chin
Seasonal, Sun Protection

Got A Winter Skin Rash? This May Be The Surprising Cause Of Those Red Bumps

Do you ever get a winter face rash like this one and wonder what's causing it? Every winter, without fail, ... Continue
exercise and your skincare

How To Care For Your Skin When Working Out

Is exercise a part of your routine? Wondering how to care for your skin before, during, and after a workout? ... Continue
sun protective clothing
Sun Protection

Stop Wearing This Piece Of Clothing If You Want To Save Your Skin

This may come as a surprise but athleisure wear is aging your skin without you even realizing it. (I'm specifically ... Continue
make skin look younger
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You Can Look 24% Younger By Doing This One Thing Really Well

To make your skin look younger with fewer visible lines and wrinkles, look no further than the best, biologically-active miracle ... Continue
physical sunscreens
Sun Protection

Chemical Vs. Physical Sunscreens: Pros And Cons

You know how important it is to wear sun protection daily, but between physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen, how do ... Continue
How Do I Repair The Sun Damage On My Neck And Chest?
Sun Protection

How Do I Repair The Sun Damage On My Neck And Chest?

This is a picture of me that I took a few weeks ago. I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, “What? ... Continue
summer sunscreen breakouts

Your Sunscreen Is Clogging Your Pores—But Here’s How To Stop It

Do you feel like sunscreen is clogging your pores? Well, it just might be. For many people, regularly wearing waterproof ... Continue
The Biggest Skin Care Mistake You Might Be Making
Myths & Mistakes, Sun Protection

The Biggest Skin Care Mistake You Might Be Making

Updated 9/1/17. The skin on the neck and chest is an extension of the face, so caring for this area ... Continue