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How to Look Younger
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I Just Turned 50—Here’s What I Owe To Looking Younger Than My Age

August 17, 2019 was a huge day for me. Not only did I turn fifty (it’s the halftime show of ... Continue
how to prevent wrinkles

The 10 Best Ways To Prevent Wrinkles—Starting NOW

Now more than ever, people are trying to get a jump start on preventing wrinkles at an earlier age. By ... Continue
bumps on the face
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Help! What Are These Bumps On My Face?

When it comes to bumps on your skin, it can be difficult to know what they are because there are ... Continue
should I get botox

Thinking About Getting Botox or Fillers? Read this First.

As an esthetician, not a week goes by without someone asking me, “Renée, I’m thinking about getting fillers or doing ... Continue
make skin look younger
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You Can Look 24% Younger By Doing This One Thing Really Well

To make your skin look younger with fewer visible lines and wrinkles, look no further than the best, biologically-active miracle ... Continue
aging your skin faster

7 Surprising Ways You’re Aging Your Skin Faster

By now, you're probably aware of the things that will be aging your skin faster by causing premature wrinkles on ... Continue
how can i get my skin to look brighter
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How Can I Make My Skin Look Brighter Without Makeup?

What can I do to get brighter skin without wearing makeup? Like with any skincare question that I get, before ... Continue
How Can I Make My Dull Skin Glow?
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How Can I Make My Dull Skin Glow?

Why does our skin become dull? Updated 6/5/19. As the skin ages, everything tends to slow down. This includes cell metabolism, ... Continue
The Beginner’s Skincare Guide to Healthy Aging
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The Beginner’s Skincare Guide to Healthy Aging

Updated 1/26/19. As an esthetician, I’m always asked, “What should I be doing to my skin NOW to prevent wrinkles from ... Continue
do prescription retinoids and retinol cause thinner skin
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Retinol And Prescription Retinoids: Do They Make The Skin Get Thinner?

Updated 4/4/18. Now more than ever, almost every skin expert on the planet is preaching the skin-smoothing, wrinkle-reducing, brown spot-fading ... Continue