Do You Have Brown Spots On Your Hairline?

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Recently I was on the phone speaking to a beauty editor and she expressed frustration with having brown spots on her hairline. She explained that she had some very lightly on her forehead but they were far more prominent around the perimeter of her hairline – almost a 1″ border. I’ve seen this many times on clients before, so I definitely have insight on why this happens and what you can do to help fade their appearance.

What I know to be true, as I’ve seen it over and over through the years, is that when applying sunscreen to the face, people don’t apply all the way up to the hairline without even realizing it – perhaps so as not to get it into their hair. Because of this improper application, over the course of many years, one can accumulate excess sun damage, which will trigger sun spots for those prone to getting them.

For proper sun protection, sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15 should be applied generously to the entire face, neck and exposed areas of the chest with a meticulous touch. Read: Which Is Better: SPF 30 Or SPF 100?

How can I get rid of the sun spots?

Hyperpigmentation requires both home care products such as exfoliators, at-home peels sunblock and especially a product for lightening brown spots, in addition to professional treatments which focus on fading stubborn brown discoloration…

Did you know? Another area of the face that many people miss when applying sunscreen is the bridge of their nose. When people apply sunscreen, they use an outward sweeping motion that starts on either side of the nose and goes towards the cheeks, often missing the very top of the nose. I’ve seen many, many clients get sunburned there, so be sure to be very thorough in your application.

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