The Real Truth About Looking Younger

No one wants to get wrinkles and people will go to great lengths to get rid of them by getting professional treatments (like facials, lasers and chemical peels) or even Botox, dermal fillers or other cosmetic procedures. They will also prevent more from forming, by using topical products like sunscreen and retinol. While all of those procedures and topical treatments certainly have their benefits, I think the first step before deciding a course of action is for people to determine what they want in regards to their skin’s appearance. Sometimes, these professional procedures can drastically alter the appearance of the skin (and it’s not always for the better).

For those concerned with wrinkles on their face (and in my experience, this is almost everyone!), I always ask my clients this question: Is it the actual wrinkles that are bothering you when you look in the mirror or is your goal simply to look younger? The reason I ask is because there is a big difference between the two. I encourage my clients to look at aging this way: Wrinkles are a fact of life and not having wrinkles, especially well into your 40s and beyond isn’t normal and, therefore, won’t ever look normal. The goal to strive for is when you tell someone your age and they respond by saying something like, “No way! I thought you were a lot younger! What’s your secret?” I believe it’s about looking amazing and younger than your actual age, but not to the point where it’s unrealistic.

Personally, I always want to look 8-10 years younger. I think that this is reasonable and doable and I don’t need to go to any extremes to achieve this goal. I’m 44, but most people think I’m in my mid-30s and I’m very happy with it. Recently I was in New Orleans and went out with a group of friends around my age and I was the only one in the group to get carded! No complaints! (Here I am, makeup-free in this photo.) My thought is that when I’m 54, I’ll look 44 and at 64, I will look 54 and so on. If I keep up what I’m doing, I should always be ahead of the game. The problem with people trying to look younger occurs when the focus is not having wrinkles AT ALL. For example, the late Joan Rivers, the poster child for taking extreme measures to look younger, didn’t have wrinkles, but she was in her 70s trying to have the skin of a 20-something. Is this a good look that people complimented her on and told her she looks amazing? I sure don’t think so and this is definitely not the look I encourage my clients to go for when talking about getting rid of or preventing wrinkles.

A lack of wrinkles isn’t a mark of success and looking incredible for your age is not just about skin. It’s also about your clothing choices, hairstyle, attitude, diet, inner glow, happiness and the bounce in your step. The world takes all of this into consideration when they see you; they aren’t focused exclusively on your skin.

A while back, I changed my hair color to a very soft pastel pink (see a photo of my hair) and my image consultant friend Bethany tweeted me and said “Bravo on the hair color change! To never change anything about one’s image is a fast-track to looking dated.”

So, go get happy, find your passion, change up your hair, makeup and clothes, and take great care of your skin and body—whatever makes you feel great and be sure to rejoice when someone tells you that you look amazing for your age!

Be sure to use products for your skin type along with wearing a sunscreen daily and a well-formulated retinol product at night like Advanced Resurfacing Serum.

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