The Real Truth About Looking Younger

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Updated 10/8/17. I think we can all agree that no one wants to get wrinkles. Who wants to look older especially when you don’t feel it? You may already be going to great lengths to try to lessen lines and wrinkles above and beyond your regular skin care routine by getting professional treatments like lasers, Botox, dermal fillers and chemical peels. While all of those procedures certainly can play a part in reducing or completely removing the signs of aging, I think the first step before deciding a course of action is to determine what you really want in regards to your skin’s appearance. Sometimes, professional procedures can drastically alter the appearance of the skin… and it’s not always for the better.

For those concerned with wrinkles, I ask you to think about this: Is it the actual wrinkles that are bothering you or is your goal simply to have an overall younger appearance? I ask because there is a big difference between the two. Wrinkles are a fact of life. Not having wrinkles, especially well into your 40s and beyond, just isn’t normal. Therefore, to put all of your efforts on having a completely wrinkle-free complexion won’t ever look natural once you’ve hit a certain point in your life. What you might consider striving for instead, is to see how you can work it so you get THIS reaction when you tell someone your age: “No way! You look amazing! I thought you were a lot younger!” I think that if you can get that reaction from people, then you’re doing all the right things.

So, how do you get this reaction? It has way more to do with your overall appearance then it does trying to get rid of every little wrinkle and crinkle. A lack of wrinkles isn’t a mark of success, and looking incredible for your age is not just about skin. It’s also about your clothing choices, hairstyle, attitude, diet, inner glow, happiness, and the bounce in your step. The world takes all of this into consideration when they see you; they aren’t focused exclusively on your skin like you are when you look in the magnifying mirror. People see BIG PICTURE.

For example, the late Joan Rivers, the poster child for taking extreme measures to look younger, didn’t have wrinkles because she took every extreme measure to remove every single one of them. She was in her 70s, and trying to have the skin of a 20-something. Is this a good look that people often complimented her on? No, I don’t think so. This is definitely not the look I encourage people to strive for—and sadly, so many do.

Personally, I always want to look 8-10 years younger. I think that this is reasonable and doable and I don’t need to go to any extremes to achieve this. A while back, in an effort to look and feel more youthful, I changed my hair color to a very soft pastel pink (see a photo of my hair and my personal trick for aging smartly!). My image consultant friend Bethany tweeted me and said “Bravo on the hair color change! To never change anything about one’s image is a fast-track to looking dated.” I love that. The key to looking younger is to change it up. And I’m actually going to get bangs cut in November for the first time in years.

I’m 48 now, but most people think I’m in my late-30s, and I’m very happy with it. I actually just attended my 30th high school reunion last night and that’s always when the passage of time looks you right in the face. I was quite pleased at how many compliments I got as well as many people whispering in my ear about how I looked younger than anyone there. I have these 7 secrets that I swear by that should get you focused on the big picture and the real truth about looking younger. (Hint, never dress your age!)

So, go get happy, find your passion, change up your hair, makeup, and clothes, and take great care of your skin and body. DON’T go filler and Botox crazy and DO whatever makes you feel great, adventurous and alive because it will surely show in your appearance in a positive way. Also, be sure to rejoice when someone tells you that you look amazing for your age!

Finally, DO use products for your skin type. Wear sunscreen daily and use a retinol or retoinoid product at night like Advanced Resurfacing Serum. If you’re new to retinol or retinoids, read my beginner’s guide now.

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  1. I agree that when you reach certain age is not normal not to have wrinkles. Most times I can tell a woman age even if they don’t have wrinkles, there is something about it that doesn’t look natural. I think if you don’t want to grow old gracefully you can always try subtle things without going over the top or changing your facial expression.

    Posted By: Blanche  | 

  2. Hi! I am from Argentina and I will love to get your products. I am 25 and have severe acne, it’s on my cheecks, chin and neck. The worst part is that they leave awful scars(i have “brown” skin) even thought i don’t touch them!! My gynecologist said it’s a hormonal problem. I been taking the pill for about 3 years now but recently they come back! I been taking antiabiotics and using super drying products wich my dermatologist prescribed. But they just don’t seem to do anything. So I decided to keep it simple, i hydratate with a light cream with benzoyl peroxide day and night and use a 15% glycolic gel at night for 3 nights and then cut it off(as you sugest for acids). I still get 2 or 3 cyst at week but in this way my skin does not feel super dry. Anyway i would loooove to try out your products. I know that i can buy them online and you will send to my country; but our goverment has decided to restrict imports. So even thought i buy the products they will confiscated. So anyway, this message it’s just to say i’m grateful for your web and advices, they been really helpful.

    Posted By: sabrina  | 

    • Hi Sabrina,
      I’m so sorry you’re having such struggles with your skin. Yes, please keep reading my posts and you will continue to learn a lot! -Renee

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 

  3. Very true facts here and as a hairstylist I totally agree on color change and style changes. Some woman tend to stay with too long of hair because they feel it keeps them young looking…. When in fact it sometimes can drag your face down. Keep up with the styles for your age.

    Posted By: Teresa Clem  | 


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