What’s The Best Way To Shrink Large Pores?

Updated 12/1/15. Large pores are simply an indication of how much oil your skin produced when you were in your teens—the formative years for your pore size. When your skin rapidly pumped out the oil, the walls of the pore stretched wider resulting in larger pores. For those who were very oily all over the face (due to genetics), their pores will be larger everywhere, while those that produced oil only in the t-zone, their larger pores are confined to this area. And for those that barely produced oil, their pores still remain small to this day.

There are TWO ways to make large pores look smaller:

1. The most immediate way to reduce the appearance of large pores is through exfoliation. Simply one use of a gentle facial scrub or leaving a gentle acid exfoliating serum on the skin over night will give instant improvement. A good analogy for explaining how exfoliation works is this. If you were to take a piece of wood and hit it with a hammer, you would make an indentation in the wood. To smooth out this dent, sanding with sandpaper would make it less noticeable. The same rules apply with the skin. Large pores (and lines, wrinkles and acne scars) are all indentations within the skin, so by “sanding” down the skin with exfoliators, the pores will be less deep, and therefore, less noticeable. Once the skin is exfoliated, it’s important to use a good moisturizer to give the skin hydration so the pores stay plumped up. By exfoliating your skin on a regular basis, this will help remove surface dry cells so the opening of the pores are less deep making them look smaller.

Products that exfoliate the skin and make pores look smaller are:

Triple Berry Smoothing Peel

Mint Buffing Beads

Ultra Gentle Smoothing Serum

Pore + Wrinkle Perfecting Serum

Pro Results Power Serum

Advanced Resurfacing Serum

BHA Clarifying Serum

2. A long term approach (but the most effective one) is to use a product with retinol . Long-term use of a product containing retinol will really help smooth the skin and make pores look smaller and less noticeable. It is truly the most scientifically proven ingredient to re-texture the skin to reveal smoother skin with less visible pores, lines and wrinkles. My very favorite product for making pores look smaller is Advanced Resurfacing Serum with pure retinol. Watch this video of me talking about how retinol products can dramatically smooth the texture of your skin with continued use. Start using a product with retinol now.

I wish there was a magic wand that I could waive and make all pores shrink immediately but with the right combination of products AND the discipline to use them faithfully, you can definitely make a dramatic difference with your pore size.


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