What Age Should Someone Start Getting Facials?

an esthetician prepping a woman for a facial

Skin Care Tip: Since the French are pioneers for taking good care of their beautiful skin, we’ll follow their lead and suggest age 14.

Generally the time to start getting professional facials is when the skin is starting to change—when blackheads, bumps and break outs start to appear. For some, that may be 11 and others it might be later.

There are many benefits to a facial. Not only does it clean out the pores and balance the skin, but your esthetician will also talk to your teen about how to care for his/her skin at home and what foods to avoid if they are having acne…

Getting professional skin care advice early will give your child good habits for a lifetime.

Note: it’s highly recommended that you keep after your children about applying sunscreen daily and limiting their time outdoors (when possible) during the peak sun hours of 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

At Renée Rouleau, we offer a great teen facial that is the perfect introduction to teaching your teen to care for their skin.

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  1. omg thank u sooooooo much i am 13 and i was dying to do some facial coz my skin is horrible ……now i see i can do so ….thanks again

    Posted By: klarissa  | 

  2. thank you for the inf about how early facial should be done, a profesional facial, i was onder the impresion that it was at the age of 30 or later , thank you for clearing that for me

    Posted By: rafael diez  | 


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