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dehydrated skin from harsh acne products
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How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin Caused By Harsh Acne Treatments

If you're someone who currently has acne, you may be experiencing dry skin caused by harsh acne treatments. Here is ... Continue
fade blemish scars and marks
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How Can I Fade My Acne Scars and Dark Marks?

For those who get breakouts, you’ve certainly experienced the dark, purple or red scars and marks that are leftover long ... Continue
the best vitamins for acne
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Taking These Vitamins & Supplements May Help Clear Your Acne

I'm frequently asked, "What are the best supplements and vitamins for keeping acne and blemishes away?" I believe foods, vitamins, and supplements ... Continue
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For 30+ Years This Acne Product Has Performed Miracles—And It’s Unclear How It Works

I have a CONFESSION to make. I have a product that has helped hundreds of thousands of cystic acne and ... Continue
clearing mask for hormonal acne
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This Mask Will Do Wonders For Your Acne—And So Much More

Since my approach to skincare is based on my belief that there are nine different types of skin, I don't ... Continue
scarring from breakouts

Do You Have Redness From Acne? Use These Five Ingredients To Calm Your Skin

A big concern for those who get frequent blemishes is to find a way to reduce redness from acne. Since ... Continue
There’s A New Vaccine For Acne... But Will It Work?
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There’s A New Vaccine For Acne… But Will It Work?

Recently, a team of scientists at the University of California, San Diego announced that they developed a vaccine for acne ... Continue
Acne-Prone Skin? Here Are Five Mistakes You DON’T Want To Make

Acne-Prone Skin? Here Are Five Mistakes You DON’T Want To Make

If you deal with acne and frequent breakouts, surely you have tried everything under the sun to get clearer skin. Hopefully you're getting ... Continue
monthly period breakouts

The Real Reason You’re Getting Monthly Hormonal Acne—And How To Stop It

Updated 5/18/18. For adults, much of your acne is probably settled down from your teen years however, you may still ... Continue
These 17 Skin Tips Just Might Banish Your Breakouts—For Good
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These 17 Skin Tips Just Might Banish Your Breakouts—For Good

If you’re someone who has acne and gets blemishes regularly, you’ve surely spent countless hours trying to figure out the cause, making ... Continue