Is Washing Your Face In The Morning Necessary?

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A lot of clients have told me through the years that they don’t understand the point of washing their face in the morning because the skin is already clean from washing it the night before. Some even go so far as to say their skin is better when they don’t cleanse in the morning. It’s certainly a valid thought, but I truly believe cleansing your skin in the morning is very important.

Here’s Why it’s Important to Wash Your Face in the Morning

Here are three reasons I believe a morning cleanse should be part of everyone’s routine.

1. You Need to Remove Traces of Ingredients Meant for Nighttime Use

The products you use at night are generally meant for nighttime use (especially acids, retinol, and prescription retinoids). These products are designed to create positive change while you sleep, which is when your skin is in repair mode. And while these are all fully absorbed by morning, you just want to ensure these ingredients are thoroughly off the skin so your protective daytime products (like antioxidants, such as vitamin C, and sunscreen) will be uninhibited and can work their absolute best.

2. You Don’t Want Your Skin’s Oils to Erode Protective Daytime Products Like Sunscreen

When you sleep at night, your skin will naturally secrete toxins and sebum (oil) which could prevent your daytime products from working as effectively as possible. For example, oilier skin types may need to apply sunscreen more often because the oil their skin produces throughout the day will break down protective SPF, leaving them vulnerable to sun damage. Give yourself a clean slate in the morning so your protective products last longer on the skin.

3. You Don’t Want Oil From Your Nighttime Products to Interfere With Daytime Products

Even if you feel like your skin doesn’t produce much oil and you’re more of a dry skin type, it’s more than likely that you’re using oil-based, emollient products at night. This will also create a film on the skin that needs to be washed off, otherwise it could be a barrier for your daytime products. Plus, if you use hand cream at night and sleep with your hands on your face, the oils in the cream can be transferred onto your face and need to be removed.

How to Cleanse in the Morning Without Disrupting Your Skin

Some people shy away from washing their skin in the morning thinking that cleansing is stripping their skin, but if you’re using a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser that has a proper pH, then it’s not going to have a drying effect on the skin. But of course, any time after you cleanse, you have a sixty-second window before moisture evaporation starts to occur. This means you want to get your next product on quickly instead of leaving your skin bare after cleansing. This is just one of 8 cleansing mistakes I often see people make.

Bottom Line

In order for your skin to be as healthy as possible, you want an absolutely clean slate in the morning so your sunscreen can be the star of the show. After all, sunscreen is hands down the number one most effective anti-aging product that will ever touch your skin. Everyone wants a “miracle” product that will make their skin look more youthful, and sunscreen is it. Period.

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