Is Tap Water Harming Your Skin?

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Updated 2/11/15. If you have glass shower doors, you might have noticed water spots left behind from continued showering. They often appear as a white, chalky substance and are caused from dissolved minerals found in hard tap water. If left on glass for a period of time, these spots can actually be etched into the glass permanently.

So is tap water bad for your skin?

If your goal is to have healthy, hydrated and glowing skin, then the answer is yes. Aside from minerals, there are salts, chemicals, chlorines and pollutants that are left on your skin after washing and if not removed properly, they can cause dehydration and possible skin irritation.

What can you do?

The simplest, easiest way to remove these harmful chemicals from your skin is to use an alcohol-free toner (applied with a Toning Cloth) after cleansing your face.  This will not only ensure that the water residue is removed, but when toner is left damp on the skin and immediately followed with a serum or moisturizer for your skin type, it will also give your skin an instant drink of hydration to get dewy, glowing skin.

Toners (as long as they are alcohol-free, and many are not so be sure to check) are an essential part of a good routine. They are often looked at as an unnecessary extra step, but they are actually very important to use for the health of the skin so be sure to use one. See our collection of alcohol-free toners.

You can also look into getting shower and bathtub filters to remove chlorine and chemicals from the water. Some people even have water filtration systems installed in their homes to keep their water clean—especially for drinking water.

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  1. dear renee,
    i am 27 year old indian with olive complexion , i would belong to skin type 5 i have a few dark spots and uneven complexion, hence i ordered your age defence spf 30, vit c and e,aha 10%, phytolife cream. I ordered this as my skin is extremely sensitive to all products i used till date, irritation manifest as chronic dryness and pigmentation there is no redness,pls tell me how to incorporate these products into my routine with minimal irritation

    Posted By: aisha  | 

    • Hi Aisha, Thank you for ordering our products. Since you got the Phytolipid Comfort Cream, I’m assuming you meant you were a skin type #9 instead of #5? The Phytolipid Comfort Cream is in skin type 9. To see how to use the products for this skin type, you can see a step by step instruction of the list of the morning and evening routine listed here. You can also print up the routine. Hope this helps.

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 


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