How To Know If Your Moisturizer Is Right For Your Skin

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Skin Care Tip of the Day: Apply and wait five minutes. If you can still feel it, it’s too heavy for you.

For many years, cosmetic companies have formulated moisturizers with heavy oils such as Mineral Oil or Petroleum, to replenish dry skin. But those oils have large molecular structures so they usually end up sitting on the surface of the skin and never truly penetrate the deeper layers of the skin where moisture is needed most. The advancements today tell us it’s all about pushing active ingredients (such as Peptides and Antioxidants) as deep into the skin using advanced delivery systems–and Mineral Oil and Petroleum do not fall in this category.

Your moisturizer should always absorb in the skin, not just sit on the surface. So apply your moisturizer, wait for five minutes and touch your skin. If you can still feel the heaviness on the skin, then it very well may be too rich for you. Your skin acts as a sponge, it takes in what it needs and the rest will sit on top suffocating the skin and potentially leading to clogged pores and dull, tired-looking skin…

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