Can I Use Eye Cream On My Face?

No. Eye creams should not be used on the face for two reasons.

Reason #1: Eye creams are formulated with intensive moisturizing ingredients (such as lipid-rich oils) which are appropriate for the eye area since there are no oil glands around the eyes, but may potentially clog the pores on the face for those who produce oil and are prone to blocked pores or breakouts.

Reason #2: Many eye creams have active ingredients in them that are designed to be anti-aging by increasing the metabolism of the cells (such as certain vitamin combinations and peptides), which are excellent for the eye area since it’s the first area of the face to show aging. However, these ingredients may be too active for the face, particularly in younger skins and those prone to breakouts, since this type of skin already has an active metabolism. The stimulation may increase breakouts.

Bottom line: Save eye creams for the area of the face for which they were intended and use face creams on the face.

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