Six Rules for Healthy, Beautiful Skin

As a skin care expert with almost 25 years of hands-on experience, I believe I know what it takes to have healthy, beautiful skin. Here’s my six rules that you should follow.

1) Wash your face faithfully every morning and night.

Without a doubt, keeping oil, dirt, and bacteria off the skin is essential for keeping the skin healthy and beautiful. Your skin care products like toners, serums, and moisturizers need to have a clean canvas to be able to do their job, so washing is a must.

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2) Avoid using products that leave your skin feeling tight, dry, irritated, or greasy.

It is really important to listen to your skin, because your skin will tell you when something is not right. When products are a perfect fit for your skin, you can feel it, so don’t try and force it. When it feels right, it is right.

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3) Exfoliate often, but not too often.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest advancements in achieving healthy, beautiful skin is using exfoliants such as glycolic acid serums, acid peels, enzymes, and facial scrubs in your skin care regimen. These products help to encourage new skin cell growth, and help to remove surface layers that cause the skin increased breakouts and a dull appearance. Simply put, exfoliants are “out with the old, in with the new.” But it is really important not to overdo your exfoliation.

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4) Wear sunscreen 365 days a year, inside or out, rain or shine.

The number one reason why your skin will have premature skin aging is from sunlight, daylight, and UV exposure. Finding a sunscreen that is compatible for your skin type and wearing it religiously is truly the best thing you could ever do for healthy, beautiful skin – period. (You’ll love our Daily Protection SPF 30)

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5) Get professional skin treatments.

While a good skin care routine is essential for maintaining the health of your skin, don’t underestimate the power of what professional treatments can do for your skin. Skin treatments such as chemical peels and facials can give a boost of results above and beyond your regular at-home products. For wrinkles, brown spots, acne, clogged pores, large pores, redness, dryness, oiliness – the list goes on and on. Professional treatments can really make an improvement for all of those skin concerns. Treatments such as facials are recommended every 4-6 weeks, or at the very least every change of season.

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And lastly…

6) Commit to caring to your skin.

I’m often asked, “What’s the secret of beautiful skin?” The answer is diligence. You must be willing to put in the effort. Putting in the effort will get results, putting in no effort will not. Caring for your skin doesn’t have to be very time-consuming. For example, a morning skin care routine consisting of cleansing, toning, and applying a serum and a sunscreen moisturizer should only take two minutes. That’s not a lot of time to get healthy, beautiful skin. Agree?

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