What’s The Best Spot Treatment For Blemishes?

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Updated: 8/18/14. No one likes getting blemishes, and certainly once you get one, you want it to go away as fast as possible. Many companies make products designed to be used as spot treatments to dry up the blemish to ensure a quicker recovery. Knowing that not all skins are equal (which is why my line is based on nine skin types) certainly not all blemishes are equal either.

So which spot treatments are the best for your blemishes?

Here is my collection of acne spot treatments including what kind of blemish they should be used to treat.

Option #1: Night Time Spot Lotion. Formulated for surface, pustular blemishes to dry out the infection for a fast recovery.

Option #2: Anti-Cyst Treatment. Used to treat cystic blemishes – those hard sore, “underground” blemishes that rarely surface and can linger for weeks.

Option #3: Post-Breakout Fading Gel. Regardless of whether or not you picked at your blemish (hopefully not), it’s common to be left with a red, dark, or purple mark that can hang around for weeks. This spot treatment is specifically formulated to fade and lighten post-breakout acne scars.

Option #4: Daytime Blemish Gel. For use under makeup to prevent dirt and debris from getting into blemish openings and impeding the recovery process. It creates an invisible seal to keep debris out, while using advanced acne-fighting ingredients to heal inflammation…

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Using the right acne spot treatment will make blemishes a thing of the past.

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