What’s The Best Eye Cream For Dark Circles And Puffiness?


Of all the skin concerns that one has, getting rid of dark circles and under eye puffiness is one complaint I hear about very often from my clients in my skin care spas. Lack of sleep, allergies, climate, stress, nose job (rhinoplasty), salty foods and genetics can be the cause for both conditions and it has been and up until now, it’s been difficult to improve. I’ve taken my 27+ years of experience and product know-how and have developed what I believe is the best under eye cream to instantly brighten tired eyes. I introduce you to the Vitamin C Eye Brightener. A favorite of celebrities!

What it is: The Vitamin C Eye Brightener by celebrity esthetician, Renée Rouleau is a high-performance eye treatment cream infused with anti-wrinkle vitamins, firming peptides, vessel-strengthening anti-inflammatories and soothing plant extracts. Skin illuminators visibly reduce dark circles while additional ingredients target the problem at the source by addressing the main reason for dark formation – insufficient enzyme detoxification process.

Who it’s for: Anyone looking to improve and brighten tired eyes with dark circles, lines, wrinkles and puffiness. This is also ideal to use for those recovering from a nose job (rhinoplasty) to help expedite the elimination of darkness due to damaged and weakened blood vessels under the eyes.

Key ingredients:

Haloyxl 2% – a peptide to prevent and diminish the appearance of dark circles, significantly reducing red and blue discoloration in the skin, increases skin density to better support the microvascular network around the eyes and alleviates inflammation that can lead to vessel fragility.

Licorice extract – reduces inflammation which further reduces irritation and puffiness that leads to premature skin aging and an appearance of dark circles.

Vitamin C – the best form of time-released Vitamin C, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, delivers 50 times higher levels of l-ascorbic acid into the skin stimulating collagen and reducing pigmentation.

Vitamin E – provides antioxidant surface protection against free radicals and improves skin elasticity and smoothness.

Hyaluronic Acid – smoothes surface lines quickly by trapping moisture that is evaporating through TEWL (transepidermal water loss) and filling surface lines.

Chrysin – a plant-derived flavonoid. It is shown to increase the enzyme (UGT1A1) that breaks down bilirubin, which reduces blood leakage and thus reduces the appearance of skin discoloration. It is also an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, helping to protect against free radical oxidative stress and inflammation.
Sunflower oil – enhances skin elasticity by giving emolliency to the cell membranesPalmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7– renews skin’s firming mechanism

Light-weight silicone – provides a smooth, silky texture leaving behind a smooth finish without heaviness and tackiness

Formulated WITHOUT:

Petroleum or Mineral Oil
Synthetic Fragrances
Synthetic Dyes

Full ingredient list: Water, Caprylyl Methicone, Trioctyldodecyl Citrate, Methyl Gluceth-20, PEG-12 Dimethicone/PPG-20 Crosspolymer, Bismuth Oxychloride, Phenyl Trimethicone, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Sodium Hyaluronate, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (Licorice Extract), Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (Vit C), Tocopherol (Vit E), Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vit C), Ascorbic Acid, Dimethicone, Glycerin, Squalane, Chyrsin, Hydroxysuccinimide, Cetyl Esters, Glucose, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Polysorbate 80, Laureth-4, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, Pentylene Glycol, Steareth-20, PEG-8, Polysorbate 60, Glucose Oxidase, Lactoperoxidase, Citric Acid, Ethylhexylglycerin, Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract.

Why you need it: Because you’ve tried everything else to brighten and reduce dark circles and nothing has worked.

Where to buy: Shop for Vitamin C Eye Brightener now.

How to use: Apply Vitamin C Eye Brightener with the ring finger as it’s the weakest finger. Eye cream should be applied around the eyes with gentle patting motions making sure to avoid rubbing and tugging.Massage eye cream in circular motions with ring finger. Using circular motions when applying eye cream stimulates stagnant blood flow that can contribute to darkness – especially darkness form lack of sleep.

Avoid applying eye cream too close to the lash line as the product will actually end up in your eyes, picked up by your eyelashes.

Disclaimer: Content found on www.ReneeRouleau.com and Blog.ReneeRouleau.com, including text, images, audio, or other formats were created for informational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website or blog.


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  1. What product should I get for under eye exfoliation? Thank you.

    Posted By: Nina  | 

  2. I’d love to try this eye cream, it sounds amazing.

    Do you ship to Eastern Europe – Serbia?

    Posted By: Tina  | 

    • Unfortunately, we don’t ship there. We had too many problems with lost packages.

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 

  3. so ive been told that every face and skin is differen and i am just 12 years old and i dont want to look older by putting products to fix my pimples and face so ive got dark under eyes from lack of sleep and dark built in under eyes from genetics and a little bit drupy eyes so will Firming Eye Therapy,Vitamin C Eye Brightener,BHA Clarifying Serum work for ME and how strong are these products like are they as strong as epiduo pimple cream which docters recommend and write perscriptions for. please reply as soon as u can. thank u

    Posted By: tenikka pesic  | 

    • Hello Tenikka, It’s really hard for me to say since I don’t know anything about your skin. I suggest you schedule a virtual skin consultation or at the very least, take our Skin Type Quiz. As for our products as compared to Epiduo, ours are not available by prescription so it’s hard to compare the two. Many people have more success with our BHA Serum and other acne products than Epiduo since it won’t dry out the skin as much.

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 

  4. Will your Vitamin C eye cream cause milia? My skin is very prone to break outs from creams that have certain kinds of oil in them.

    Posted By: Jill  | 

    • No, not all. It’s a cream to gel consistency and will not cause milia.

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 

  5. Hi there! What I’m about to ask you is completely unrelated to dark circles, instead it’s about the type of cleanser/products I should use. After taking the skin type test, it says I’m #2 (luxe mint cleanser). But I feel that I should get the AHA/BHA Cleansing Gel instead. And my skin doesn’t seem to be #2, of course, i could be wrong (i believe you wld know best). I’m 22 and I do occasionally breakout (esp before the time of the month), apart from that, I get 1 or at most 2 cystic acnes tri-weekly or monthly. And the occasional 1 or 2 mini pimple every 2 weeks or 3. This mostly happens within my t-zone/temples area.

    My main problem is white/black heads and 2nd oiliness. I feel that it is due to the oiliness that cause the acnes to pop out (it can get oily bcus I live in Singapore), but my cheeks are generally in pretty good condition (in terms of oiliness/acne or enlarged pores). It’s just the T-zone that’s the main problem… I’m also not that good in taking care of cystic acnes as it doesn’t happen that often. When it does, I’m a bit lost as to what I should do.. Any advice on how to prevent such acnes?

    At the end of the day, I just really want the white/black heads to stop appearing, bcus the bumps on my forehead can get so irritating. Please, please advice me on what cleanser, toner & moisturiser I should use (i’ve got fair Asian skin)

    Posted By: Ashleigh  | 

    • It does sound like you are a skin type #2 however, you could substitute the Luxe Mint Cleansing Gel for the AHA/BHA Cleansing Gel. As for cysts, we do have our Anti Cyst Treatment which is amazing for that. See it here. https://www.reneerouleau.com/products/anti-cyst-treatment And in the #2 routine, be sure to get the BHA Clarifying Serum. That will specifically address keeping the pores clean and preventing breakouts which is a concern for you.

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 

  6. Do I use this before or after Daily Protection?

    Posted By: Sofia  | 

    • Apply it after the Daily Protection SPF 30. Do it as your last step before makeup (if you wear makeup.)

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 

  7. Is it possible to order your products to Russia or in Unated Arab Emerats ?

    Posted By: Aida Alieva  | 

    • Yes, our website accepts all international orders.

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 

  8. After how long will I see the effect of this eye cream?

    Posted By: Elaine  | 

    • Most people will see an improvement of dark circles within an hour of using it.

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 


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