The Lazy Girls’ Guide to Beautiful Skin

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Our skin care survey shows that 47% of participants do not wash their face every night. That is a surprisingly high percentage, especially considering how many of these individuals know that facial cleansing, before climbing into bed, is vital to maintaining healthy skin.

I have always said, “The secret to beautiful skin is compliance.” You must be willing to put forth effort with both professional facial treatments and quality home care products. However, as our survey confirms, many people become lazy or tired before getting around to an essential nighttime routine. So here are my helpful shortcuts to achieving an easier, more consistent skincare routine.

Use your facial scrub as a cleanser. Gentle facial scrubs should be used 2-3 times per week but many people are inconsistent with their facial scrubs because it adds one extra step. Most facial scrubs are formulated with a cream base, which contains cleansing properties so this allows your facial scrub to double as a cleanser during your morning shower. Two benefits, cleansing and exfoliating, in one 30 second step!

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Use an at-home peel if you are overdue for a facial. Monthly facials are a must but, occasionally, we tend to let our skincare maintenance take a back seat to either a busy schedule or just plain laziness. For a quick skin fix use an at-home peel like Renée Rouleau Triple Berry Smoothing Peel— just ten minutes to beautiful, glowing skin!

Wash your skin earlier in the evening. It is commonly believed that skin has to be washed right before going to bed; a time when you are most tired and laziness is at its peak. Perform your nighttime routine before or after dinner, around 7:00 or 8:00pm. Early evening is better than never!

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Use mineral powder when reapplying sunscreen. You might have been told that it is necessary to reapply sunscreen every two hours. When laziness sets in reapplying sunscreen is almost always forgotten. The easiest and fastest way to reapply sunscreen is to use SPF-based mineral powders. These popular powders have built-in sunscreens, and with a few quick brush strokes you can protect your skin and keep it safe from damaging rays. I personally use the ColoreScience mineral powder available for purchase here.

Give your skin a boost of hydration by leaving your toner damp. Alcohol-free toners are an essential part of a basic skin care routine and should always be used after cleansing. Lazy girls like to keep the steps of their routine to a minimum, so when you’re pressed for time skip the skin serum and leave your toner damp before applying moisturizer. This will give your skin the essential and sufficient boost of hydration. FYI, applying toner to a Toning Cloth and wiping over the skin should only take 15 seconds! See our collection of alcohol-free toners.

Before you go to sleep prop an extra pillow under your head to prevent morning under eye puffiness. Tired, puffy eyes are an inevitable fact of life but taking the time to apply an eye gel does not have to be. Why add on to an already busy morning of skin care and makeup application, when you can think a step ahead and prevent puffiness? By elevating your head with an extra pillow you will encourage drainage to keep swollen eyes at bay.

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