Six French Beauty Tips


Updated 10/23/15. After many visits to France to visit my husband’s family, what I know for sure is that French women definitely know how to live a beautiful life that shows from inside out.

Here are six of my favorite French beauty tips.

French Beauty Tip #1: Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. Whenever I’m in France, I’m always struck by the fact that I see so few people (both teens and adults alike) with acne. I have to believe this is due to the lower stress lifestyle they live as well as less consumption of processed, high-sugar foods as compared to Americans. They lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats all followed with some good wine. My French nephew visited us here in Texas during Halloween one year, and while he thoroughly enjoyed this American tradition, his parents were very strict in not letting him indulge in all the Halloween candy, whereas American parents may have been more lenient. The French love eating, and put a focus on preparing rich, delicious foods, but they eat smaller portions and don’t overindulge, which is why you’ll see less problems with obesity over there. I do believe that to a certain extent you are what you eat, and eating a healthy, well-balanced diet can make you look and feel your best.

French Beauty Tip #2: Wash your face every night—faithfully. The French practically invented the facial, so caring for their skin has been part of their culture for a long time, considering there are facial salons on practically every corner in France. I find that men, women, and teens are very diligent about washing their face every night before they go to bed. (See this French washcloth.) This is one skin care step they won’t skip. This may also be a reason why there isn’t as much acne prevalent in France, because oil on the skin breeds bacteria, and bacteria leads to breakouts. Clean skin is definitely clear skin.

French Beauty Tip #3: Drink alcohol in moderation. Having wine at most meals is a standard French tradition. A glass of wine is used to enhance a meal and for enjoyment. What I notice is that French people, including young people, don’t overindulge, and don’t drink to excess. Of course, there are always exceptions, but by and large, the young people in France don’t abuse alcohol the way I feel many young Americans are prone to. In the case of red wine, it certainly provides essential antioxidants, which are good for your health, but overindulging leads to dull, tired skin, including capillary damage and a rough texture due to dehydration.

French Beauty Tip #4: Invest in good quality skin care products. Without a doubt, the French take their skin seriously, and they don’t skimp on the price tag of a skin care product. That’s not to say that the price of skin care products are exorbitant, but they really focus on quality. There are many French manufacturers that make amazing skin care products, and this is an area French women will invest in. Read: Are French Women Converting To American Skin Care Products?

French Beauty Tip #5: Be patient with your skin care products. Americans start a skin care regimen and then quickly change when they don’t get immediate results. Skin care products can take 6-8 weeks for you to truly see results, and the French know this. The French are not into immediate gratification the way Americans are – they are far more patient when giving their products time to work, which I feel is certainly the right way.

French Beauty Tip #6: Age gracefully and confidently. Some say Americans are obsessed with beauty, to the point of taking extreme measures (such as excessive cosmetic procedures) that may or may not make them actually look better. Younger, yes, but better, maybe not. Similarly to how to French women feel about aging, I too believe that it is all about working with what you have, and enhancing, not altering it. Unlike American women, French women will not attempt to give themselves something they don’t already have. For example, they may cover their gray, but most won’t change their hair color to a color they weren’t given. They embrace their femininity, as evident by how they will opt for heels in public and rarely wear sneakers. They have a confident bounce in their step and feel comfortable in their own skin. A French woman told me once, “Getting cosmetic procedures is a tell-tale sign of insecurity. Accept who you are, and work with what you have.”

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