Save Your Skin From Your Man’s Stubble!

These days, it is in style for many men to have a bit of facial stubble, so you see a lot of men having a few days’ growth. For the girlfriends and wives of these men, and particularly those with sensitive skin, the face can be left red and irritated after kissing. Add in the fact that you may also be using exfoliating products in your skin care routine (such as acids, enzymes, facial scrubs, and professional chemical peels), and this can definitely make the skin more vulnerable to irritation. So how can you help prevent this, short of cutting out kissing?

If possible, prior to kissing, put a good, rich moisturizer on the face to provide a protective barrier to lessen skin irritation. However, putting on moisturizer prior to kissing is not always practical, so the best thing is to focus on calming the skin after the fact. Post-kisses, use a moisturizer that’s not only deeply moisturizing, but one that contains lipid-rich oils, which can help repair the moisture barrier of the skin like Renée Rouleau Phytolipid Comfort Cream.

When a man’s facial stubble brushes up against a woman’s skin, it is actually a form of exfoliation, albeit an irritating form, but the stubble can actually poke little holes in the skin, creating cracks in the skin’s moisture barrier. This allows moisture to escape, and irritants to get in more easily. Look for a moisturizer that contains lipid-rich oils such as Ceramides and Jojoba Oil, as these can aid in skin repair. Phytolipid Comfort Cream both repairs the protective barrier, as well as provides calming anti-inflammatory relief for red, irritated, and sensitive skin. Be sure to use a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser to wash your skin like Purifying Face Wash, because when the skin is already irritated, using a harsh, detergent-based cleanser will only exacerbate the irritation. If you prefer a cleansing lotion, use Calming Chamomile Cleanser is really soothing. Washing with something gentle is key.

Kisses are a fun part of life, so care for your skin in the right way, and you won’t ever have to worry about missing out!

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