Five Clothing Colors to Give your Skin a Glow

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Without question, the color of the clothes you wear closest to your face can certainly affect the natural tone of your skin. Generally wearing warm, yellow-based colors will give the skin a sallow, dull appearance while cool toned colors will enhance the skin’s natural glow.

Here’s my pick for the top five colors that can brighten and offer a pick-me-up to insure your skin is glowing…even on days when it may not be.

#1 Salmon This color looks great close to any skin tone: light, medium or dark and will definitely bring out the brightness within the skin.

#2 Rose Get a rosy glow with this pinky toned color.

#3 Icy, light blue A cool, based color that complements all skin colors and brings out the natural cool tones in the skin…

#4 Light lavender As long as it’s a cool, icy shade, this color will also bring out a nice glow in the skin.

#5 Silver A cool shade of silver looks great next to any skin tone, especially when paired with a shimmery pink lipstick or gloss.

Colors like white or black are neutral and will not affect your skin color positively or negatively. They will reveal your skin’s natural tone.

Having spent the early years of my career as both an esthetician and makeup artist, I definitely can tell you, color choices are really important when it comes to your skin.

So incorporate these colors into your wardrobe to reveal a natural glow!

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