Fall is the Most Common Time of Year for Breakouts

Skin Care Tip: Fall forecast: high chance of breakouts. Did you know that Fall is the most common time of year when breakouts are at their highest?

Breakouts are increased during the fall months because the oil flow in the skin during the summer months is still occurring this time of year, yet the cooler air creates layers of dead skin cell build-up. The result is trapped oil and bacteria underneath the surface of the skin resulting in increased breakout activity.


Avoid high-foaming cleansers. Bar soap and many foaming cleansers have high pH balances with harsh ingredients that strip the water out of the skin. And what you wash with is the MOST important part of your skin care routine. Why? Because if you wash with a foaming cleanser or soap that is too drying, it pulls all the water out of the skin and creates dead, dry skin cell build up resulting in increased break out due to oil and bacteria getting trapped under the skin. Avoid the harsh ingredient Sodium Laureth Sulfate in your cleanser and instead choose sulfate-free cleansing gels so they won’t over dry the skin. Remember the rule: More lather, more drying. Less lather, less drying.

Change pillowcases nightly.

For problem skins, bacteria and oil can build up on your pillowcase and be reintroduced to your skin the following night. Invest in a nice stack of pillowcases and make sure you wash them with a dye and fragrance-free laundry soap.

Avoid using toners that contain SD Alcohol 40.

Many people like the ‘clean’ and ‘tight’ feeling associated with using alcohol on the skin, but this ingredient will strip the skin of water, which results in dead cell build up. Trying to dry up oily skin can backfire, as stripped cell buildup traps oil and leads to break outs. Toners without alcohol, on the other hand, are very important for keeping the skin cells moist with water.

Use both a chemical and a physical exfoliant to remove dry skin cells and unclog trapped pores.

Chemical exfoliants are enzymes or acids, such as Glycolic Acid or Pumpkin Enzymes that are applied to the skin and dissolve and digest dead skin cell build up while they are on the skin. Typically they are left on overnight. Physical exfoliants are facial scrubs. These contain a bead or a grain to physically polish away the dead skin cells. So you’ll get the best benefit for reducing clogged pores and breakouts when you use a combination of the both in your skin care routine.

Drink hot lemon water first thing in the morning.

Squeeze fresh lemon into hot water and drink when you wake up. This will help flush out and purify the body internally, reducing toxins and bacteria in the small intestine which can cause skin sensitivities. This is great for break outs.

Drying out your skin=more break outs.

Be cautious with over-the-counter acne products. Although these can work to dry up the actual blemish, when used all over the face they can trap the oil in the pores by causing dead skin cell buildup.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

Sleep is not only important to keep dark circles at bay, but it is also the time when your body is most metabolically active, ridding itself of toxins which would otherwise wreak havoc with your skin. Sleep also reduces stress, a common aggravator of acne!

Get the pores cleaned out regularly.

To reduce clogged pores, blackheads and break outs, regular monthly deep pore cleansing facials are a must. A deep pore cleansing facial combined with a skin peel is a great way to keep your skin soft, clear and smooth.

As always, when choosing products for your skin, be sure to check out our nine skin types.

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