Demi Lovato Uses Renée Rouleau Products To Keep Her Skin Clear And Glowing

Demi lovato with a Renee Rouleau face mask

Updated 6/28/17. Singer, Demi Lovato has beautiful skin and isn’t afraid to show it off considering how well she takes care of it. She often posts on Instagram of her gorgeous makeup-free skin and recently shared the above Snapchat pic while I was giving her a facial in Los Angeles.  As Demi’s long-time personal esthetician, I know firsthand about her skin and what she uses to keep it clear and glowing. And let me tell you, despite her busy schedule, she definitely makes caring for her skin a priority. (Little known secret, she would love to be an esthetician!)

“Using the Renée Rouleau line for my skin type (I’m a skin type #2) and getting skin treatments from Renée, has worked miracles on my skin!” says Demi.

Which products does Demi Lovato use on her skin to keep it clear and blemish-free? 

Demi’s skincare routine has changed throughout the years depending on the season and whether or not she’s on tour.

Her daily favorites include:

  • BHA Clarifying Serum (“This is a miracle product. I’ll wake up the next morning and literally have no pores” says Demi to People Magazine.)
  • Hydraboost Rescue Creme (This delivers the perfect amount of hydration without being greasy or pore clogging. She uses this moisturizer at night over the BHA Clarifying Serum)
  • AHA/BHA Deep Pore Cleanser (A gentle, non-drying cleanser to keep breakouts away while smoothing the skin)
  • Vitamin C&E Treatment (She’s all about preventative aging and this serum delivers powerful antioxidant protection underneath daily sunscreen)
  • Daily Protection SPF 30 (She loves how lightweight it feels on her skin)
  • Anti Cyst Treatment (Our #1 best selling product, this works to immediately make her blemishes and bumps vanish FAST without irritating her skin)

Demi uses mostly products from the skin type #2 collection which addresses oily/combination, occasional breakouts and anti-aging. (Find your skin type.)

When she has a special red carpet event or photo shoot, Demi LOVES using Triple Berry Smoothing Peel. This at-home peel uses five exfoliating acids to smooth the skin, unclog the pores and reveal a beautiful glow.  (See how I got her skin ready for her appearance at the 2017 Grammy’s.)

Demi is very committed to caring for her skin. I’ve been giving her facials since she was 17 years old and I can tell you, her efforts are paying off. She told Cosmopolitan, “My favorite feature is my skin.” Demi loves the skin she’s in and I’m happy to do my part to help!

What is that mask she has on her skin in the picture? That’s our Bio Calm Repair Masque mixed with a proprietary seaweed mask Renée mixes herself for professional treatments.

VIDEO: Watch here to see Demi talk about how her skin care routine with People Magazine.

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