Can I Use My Serum as a Moisturizer?

One of the very best ways to achieve results with your skin is to incorporate the use of a skin serum into your routine. Especially for those over 40 who are starting to notice changes in the skin (and usually not ones for the better), using a skin serum (like Intensive Firming Serum or Skin Drink) can help to sophisticate your routine beyond the basic cleanser, toner, moisturizer regimen.

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I often hear people say “I use my serum as a moisturizer because it’s so nice and lightweight on the skin.” I’m here to tell you that even though serums may have a lotion-like feel, they won’t be as effective for your skin when used alone.

When using a serum, it’s important to use a moisturizer over the serum to seal it into the skin. While most serums are meant to hydrate the skin, their main goal is to deliver active ingredients deeper within the skin and they don’t provide a protective shield between your skin and the environment like moisturizers will do.

Bottom line: Always seal a serum into the skin with a good moisturizer. Use a sunscreen moisturizer during the day (try Daily Protection SPF 30) and a non-SPF moisturizer at night (see our moisturizers) formulated for your skin type. (Choose your skin type.)…

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