Avoid Dairy Products If You Are Prone To Acne Cysts


Skin Care Tip: Avoid dairy products if you are prone to acne cysts. Dairy can cause breakouts? Yes, it certainly could be the culprit. When you develop cystic breakouts (those hard, painful, underground blemishes that linger for weeks) on the chin, jaw line and neck area it might be a sign that you’re getting more dairy in your diet than your body can tolerate. Your skin acts as an excretory system to get rid of things that your body is not in agreement with, so when you get too much dairy (and since dairy is naturally harder to digest) it comes out in the form of cystic blemishes in the lower area of the face.

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The best way to determine if your acne cysts are directly related to your intake of dairy is to completely cut dairy out of your diet for two weeks. If you don’t develop any new cysts and you normally would have by now, then this might solve your problem! It doesn’t mean that you cannot eat any dairy at all, you would then start to slowly introduce dairy back into your diet and if you start breaking out again, that’s your body’s tolerance level.

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For cystic acne, you really only three options available…

1. Get a cortisone shot injected into the cyst by a dermatologist. (It works, but who has the time to wait around at a doctor’s office?)

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2. Dab on Renée Rouleau Anti-Cyst Treatment immediately when the cyst forms and it will dramatically reduce the infection and cut the healing time at least in half. (It’s truly a miraculous product to reduce cystic blemishes.)

3. Try cutting out your dairy and see if that improves the condition.

In my 25 years of being an esthetician, I have cured many, many of my clients acne simply by suggesting they reduce or cut out their dairy intake.

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