A Travel-Friendly Skincare Shortcut

If you’re traveling, it’s so important to keep your skin care routine consistent. In fact, it’s more important than ever simply because travel can disrupt the skin’s balance and potentially cause problems due to dehydration that occurs on an airplane, … Continued

The Perfect Travel Toiletry Bag

Updated 12/8/14. I travel regularly, both domestically and internationally, and when packing for each trip, I insist on packing ALL of my skin care products to keep my skin looking its best. Unfortunately, this means I can never do only … Continued

How To Care For Your Skin On An Airplane

Updated 12/14/14. The cabins of airplanes have extremely low humidity, which cause the skin to get extremely dehydrated (lack of water). The dry air looks for moisture where it can get it, and that means robbing it directly from your … Continued