How To Easily Pack Liquid Skincare Products In Your Carry-On

Liquid Products in Carry-On

How Can I Pack All My Skincare Products In My Carry-On When I Travel?

Due to dry airplane cabins, weather and potential food changes in a new destination, keeping your skincare routine consistent is more important than ever to stay looking its best. However, because of TSA regulations, you’re only allowed to fill up a quart-sized bag, which doesn’t leave much room to bring all the products your skin needs.

Here’s an easy way to pack your liquid skincare products into your carry-on without taking up much room, so you don’t have to leave any of your favorite products behind.

Why It Works

The benefits of this packing trick are:

  • Quick and easy to make
  • Takes up very little room in your quart-size, carry-on toiletry bag
  • Each is easily disposed of after one-time use

What You Need

How To Make Carry-On Liquid Travel Packs

Step 1

Generously saturate a toning cloth with your favorite toner, eye makeup remover, or other liquid skincare. (Not sure which toner you should be using? You can take our Skin Type Quiz and get one recommended.)

Easily Pack Liquid Products

Step 2

Put inside the plastic bag, zip up, and toss in your TSA-approved bag. Use as many toning cloths as needed for the duration of your trip.

You’re ready to go! The soaked toning cloths are an easy way to pack liquid products easily into your carry-on bag when you travel.

But wait, before you book your flight, you’ll want to make sure you do this.

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