Cotton balls vs. Toning Cloths Which are Better?

a cotton pad, toning cloth and a cotton ball

So a few weeks back, I traveled to Washington, D.C. to spend time with family for Christmas as well as offer skin consultations for those that live in the area. (See which cities I will be making appearances in here)

The first night I arrived, I went into the bathroom to perform my nightly skin care regimen. (Read: Five Reasons to Wash Your Face at Night) After washing my face and gearing up to apply my alcohol-free toner, I realized that my toiletry kit was missing my Toning Cloths. After years of using cotton balls I finally had enough with how bulky and difficult they were to maneuver on the face when applying eye makeup toner, never mind being so absorbent that it wastes so much product. So I developed these amazing little cloths made from a blend of polyester and rayon to make applying toner (or anything else you would normally use cotton balls for) much more efficient…

So without my Toning Cloths, I was forced to use the complimentary cotton balls the hotel provided. Ugh. It was terrible. I literally had not used these in years and it absolutely re-confirmed why I created the Toning Cloths in the first place.

They were bulky, wasteful and just plain hard to use. The next day I happened to be in my sister in-law’s hotel room, who had flown in from France to be with us. In her toiletry kit, she had cotton pads – those round, flat cotton balls that have a similar function, but more of a circular shape. She gave me several of those to use and while they were certainly easier to work with, they definitely absorbed way too much product. So while I didn’t enjoy having to use those, it gave me a renewed sense of appreciation for the Toning Cloths.

For those of you who use cotton balls or cotton pads, I highly suggest you try our amazing Toning Cloths. I promise you, you’ll never go back to using cotton again! There’s a reason why Marie Claire Magazine called them “A life changing product.”

Rest assured, as soon as I got home, I made sure to stock up my toiletry kit with a fresh stack of Toning Cloths so I would not have to go through that hassle again!

Readers, have you tried our Toning Cloths yet?

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  1. I like the way these pads keep the product on their surface for application onto my skin but doesn’t absorb like cotton so I save from buying products so often and I especially love the way the fibers will stay only on the pads not like cotton fibers that get stuck on damp skin or nails after removing polish. Very good idea miss lady who invented this tool in the beauty industry. Thanks for sharing your product with all of us who obsess over our skin care routine!

    Posted By: Erin Veronica Rocha  | 

  2. I bought these when I purchased the Elderberry toner. I have to say they really are amazing. I use 4 drops on the folded cloth and those four little drops saturate the cloth to wipe my entire face and neck. Great item that I will be repurchasing and won’t be returning to cotton balls.

    Posted By: Katrina  | 

  3. I do not like using cotton squares with my toner at all. I’m going to bite the bullet and grab a box of these right now!

    Posted By: Laura @ Sawan-Heaven  | 


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