Product Feature: Daytime Blemish Gel

reneerouleau-daytimeblemishgelMost spot treatments main focus are to dry out blemishes and get them to heal quickly, but our Daytime Blemish Gel offers many additional benefits.  Because the Daytime Blemish Gel is formulated to be used during the day when makeup is worn and exposure to environmental pollutants is high, it forms an invisible “seal” to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the blemish openings.  Other healing ingredients are also added to support the skin’s self-repair process, assisting in a faster recovery time and helping to reduce signs of chronic sensitivity within several days…

Active Ingredients

Soluble Beta Glucan – support skin’s self-repair processes

Salicylic Acid (BHA) – helps dissolve cells blocking pore, purifies within pore

Tea Tree Oil – anti-bacterial essential oil to keep pores clean

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate – calming molecule from licorice to soothe signs of redness

Green Tea – soothes signs of redness

Renée’s advice on how to properly care for a blemish:

What NOT to do: Do not pick at it the minute you feel it coming up, but rather wait until the infection is ready to come out.  Why?  If you “attack”it right away when the infection isn’t ready to come out yet, you start injuring the surrounding skin which will result in a scar.  What most people usually do is immediately start putting topical spot drying treatments on the blemish and although it’s drying out the skin, it’s not drying out the infection, because the infection hasn’t reached the surface yet.  After a day or two when the infection DOES come up to the surface, you have to squeeze it and although you can get the infection out, the surrounding dry skin is also peeling off as well.  This results in a post-breakout red mark/scar that will now linger for months. This is worse than the blemish itself!

What WILL help: The key is to leave the blemish alone and DO NOT touch the skin until the infection has reached the surface, which is usually 1-2 days after the blemish first appears.  Then you can carefully wrap your fingers and gently try to squeeze out the infection.  Remember the rule: three strikes and you’re out!  If the infection doesn’t come out after three tries, leave it alone and try again the next day.  Once you do get the infection out, THEN apply Daytime Blemish Gel because now it can really get into the skin and heal up any remaining infection. The goal with any blemish is preventing a red mark that lingers for months.

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