Are You Making This Common Spring Skin Mistake?

Updated 3/26/15. Spring is here and while we all look forward to breezy, sunny days, this also means UV rays are getting stronger. Did you know that many people may be more likely to experience a sunburn in March, April and May than in the summer months? The reason for this is because people associate both sun and heat with sunburn. When the temperatures are cooler in the spring, they don’t feel like their body or face is susceptible to getting burned when they are outside, so they tend to not be as diligent about applying sunscreen like they would in the heat of summer.

My husband is the perfect example of someone who feels like his skin is safe in the sun as long as it’s cool outside. When he’s working in the sun tinkering with his cars or doing yard work and the temperature is in the 70s, he generally ignores me when I remind him about putting on sunscreen. However, when it’s 90-100 degrees in the summer and I mention sunscreen, he agrees he needs it and applies it immediately. Like clockwork, every spring he’ll get sunburns, but come summer, he is more aware and protected so he is usually sunburn-free.

It’s important to realize that the UV rays given off by the sun are what cause a suntan or sunburn, not the temperature outside. Get into the habit of wearing sunscreen everyday and reapply when outdoors so you can keep your skin protected and safe all year long. After all, UV light is the #1 cause of premature wrinkles and a major contributor to the formation of skin cancer. See my collection of favorite sunscreen products.

Note: The UVB rays—the burning rays—are less strong in the winter, so it is actually harder to get sunburns during these months.

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