Are You a June Bride? Tips to Ensure Glowing Skin

As any soon-to-be-bride knows, having clear and glowing skin on your wedding day and in photos is important. With June being a very popular month for weddings, here’s my expert skin care tips to ensure your skin is glowing and problem-free!


Get your final facial 3-7 days before the big day. Assuming you have been getting skin treatments over the past few months, it’s time to get your final pre-wedding facial. The facial should focus on skin smoothing via exfoliation and hydration. Keep extractions to a minimum to avoid unnecessary redness. If you haven’t been getting skin treatments, now would not be the time to start.

Don’t experiment with any new skin care products. You don’t want to risk having an adverse reaction to anything—stick with tried and true.

Avoid shell fish. Especially for those who have traveled to a tropical island for their wedding, you’ll be tempted with all the wonderful seafood that is there. Many people are allergic to iodine commonly found in shell fish which can result in very serious skin and body reactions, so now is not the time to be eating foods you have not tried before…

Limit your intake of alcohol. Alcohol leads to skin and under eye puffiness, so for every alcoholic drink, follow it with a 4-8 oz glass of water. This will help prevent unnecessary morning puffiness.

Avoid crying (if possible). With all of the celebratory speeches that are given during the rehearsal dinner, it’s only normal that a few tears may be shed. If at all possible, try to avoid crying since it causes the eyes to swell resulting in excessive morning under eye puffiness. (Do cucumber slices on the eyes help reduce puffiness?)


Apply a gel mask. Gel masks like Azulene Gel Mask are water-based so they won’t add any oil to the skin and interfere with wedding day makeup. They calm the skin from wedding day nerves, and gives your skin a smooth, healthy glow.

Drink a lot of water. To prevent skin from puffiness due to shedding tears or alcohol intake the night before, drink cold ice water throughout the day. This will also help prevent your mouth from getting dry due to nerves.

Practice deep breathing. There is nothing better to calm the nerves than frequent deep breathing. Relax. Enjoy. Your day is here.

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P.S. That’s a picture of me on my wedding day in 2006.

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