True or False: It’s Normal to Break Out After a Facial

Renee's hands on a clients face

False! It is NOT normal to experience acne breakouts after a facial!

We’ve had clients through the years who are skeptical about getting facials because they have had them at other places where they have broken out afterwards. If you are getting a professional facial appropriate for your skin type, a facial should never encourage breakouts…

The Renée Rouleau facials do not cause breakouts.

There is one exception. If someone has a lot of acne and we have done a tremendous amount of manual extractions, sometimes the skin will do a self-cleansing by purging old oil and bacteria resulting in a few post-facial breakouts—and that’s actually a good thing.

True or False? All oils used in skin care products are pore-clogging for the skin. What do you think? Read the answer here.

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  1. The same happened to me needleness to say I will not be going for a facial soon again. It took 2 weeks for my skin to recover.

    Posted By: Renee du Bruyn  | 

  2. We can only say confidently that Renée Rouleau facials do not cause post-facial breakouts. But we’ve certainly heard through the years of people breaking out from facials they have had elsewhere…unfortunately.

    Posted By: Lydia Noel  | 

  3. I did, in fact, break out after a facial that was performed a little over a month ago. The clinician did not do any extractions, but, perhaps the skin was doing a purge in any event.

    Posted By: Marcy  | 


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