Is It Okay To Mix Foundation Makeup With My Daily Moisturizer?

Renee Rouleau's age defense moisturizer
Numerous people don’t like to wear heavy foundation makeup, but they feel the need for some coverage to even out their skin tone. They will mix a few drops of their foundation makeup with their daily moisturizer which creates a tinted moisturizer. Is this okay to do? Is this bad for my skin?

No, I do not recommend doing this, and here’s why:

The goal of using daytime moisturizer is to use one with sunscreen; thus, both will provide your skin the protection against the sun’s UV rays, skin cancer, and premature wrinkles all while hydrating the skin. However, the FDA only guarantees the SPF of your sunscreen when used in its pure state. Changing the formula by adding foundation makeup may dilute the sunscreen’s protection, leaving your skin more exposed than intended.

I suggest that you use a sunscreen moisturizer that is compatible with your skin type along with a minimum SPF rating of 30. I suggest Weightless Protection SPF 30 You would also need a lightweight foundation makeup that you can apply over your sunscreen. There are many great formulas out there, but you need to spend the time to find the best combination that feels and looks right to you.

The #1 cause of wrinkles is sun exposure. Contrary to popular belief, genetics, smoking and surprisingly, the passage of time are not the biggest contributions to wrinkles compared to sun exposure. UV rays from sunlight are the skin’s worst enemy, so please be sure to protect it carefully.

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