Renée Swears By This 2-Minute Trick for Glowing Skin

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Updated 09/10/23. My clients often ask, “How do I get glowing skin?” While there’s no single definition for it, I tend to think of it as skin that has good blood flow, which brings out an inner radiance. In this post, I’ll share a trick I use every day to guarantee glowing skin. It’s super simple, and it only takes two minutes!

My 2-Minute Trick for Glowing Skin

Less oxygen and fewer nutrients are delivered to the skin as it ages. Research shows that by the time you reach 70 years old, you have about 40% fewer blood vessels in your face compared to when you were 20 years old. Fewer vessels mean less nutrient-rich blood and oxygen are being brought to the skin. The result? A dull, tired-looking complexion.

To fight the effects of aging, and to guarantee glowing skin, I use a simple trick. I hang my head upside down for two minutes every day. You can do this against a wall in a handstand or in a downward dog, like in yoga. I simply hang my head over the side of my bed. After just two minutes, a slight redness appears in my skin. In the long run, it has helped me boost and maintain a ‘lit-from-within’ glow.

This trick is especially helpful for those with olive and medium skin tones. Those with fair skin tones often find their skin has a natural redness, and oftentimes, the goal is to reduce redness.

The Best Products to Use for Glowing Skin

When people ask me how to get glowing skin, I tell them to try my daily trick, as well as increase circulation through physical exercise, facial massage, and skincare products that are formulated to stimulate blood flow. As for the latter, I recommend the following:

  1. Mint Renewal Cleanser: I use this cleanser every day. Along with natural beads and peppermint oil, it contains panthenol and lactic acid, so it feels hydrating and refreshing on the skin.
  2. Energy Boosting Toner: This is a hydrating toner with ginseng root extract, which is a stimulating ingredient, and trehalose, which is a powerful antioxidant.
  3. Triple Berry Smoothing Peel: This is the best chemical peel to use at home for brighter and smoother skin. Pair with the Triple Berry Smoothing Scrub to physically lift away loosened skin cells and minimize flakiness.

Moisturize as the final step in your routine. I recommend using one that’s formulated to give a light-reflective effect, like the Glow Enhancing Creme. You can follow it up with a brightly colored blush to give an instantly radiant effect.

Next, see the makeup tips I love for guaranteeing a glowing complexion.

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  1. What exactly are “natural beads”? I’m concerned about using anything with microbes that might go back into the environment and into the ocean. I would love to use products that avoid that pollution, but I’m concerned about what “natural” means, in this context. Thanks!

    Posted By: WD  | 

    • I understand your concern and feel the same way about microbeads. The “beads” used in our products are jojoba esters that are not harsh on the skin and are biodegradable!

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 

  2. It appears as though some facialist a might be combining microcurrent with microneedling during one treatment. When I have my professional microneedling facial, how soon can I do my daily microcurrent routine at home?

    Posted By: Jan godinez  | 

    • Since these facial treatments can vary in depth/strength, I suggest asking the treatment provider about post-care!

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 

  3. this question is for my teenage daughter. She is an athlete and from wearing the spandex shorts has acne on her bottom that now has dark scarring and is very self conscious. what is the best approach to treat and get rid of it? She applies coconut oil and other remedies. Would laser work or is there some type of fading cream for that.

    Posted By: jeanni russ  | 

    • It sounds like she needs to be exfoliating and disinfecting that area to prevent blocked pores. The strategy of moisturizing won’t be effective. My AHA/BHA Deep Pore Cleanser is a GREAT one for her to use.

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 

  4. Have you had any NuSkin Galvanic Spa experience? I am interested in the product, but don’t know if you would believe it works. Thanks, Elisa

    Posted By: elisa mancuso  | 

    • I have never seen it or had any experience with it but galvanic therapy has been around for over 30 years so it’s nothing new. I learned about galvanic when I was in esthetics school but never saw any great results.

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 


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