Got Brown Spots? You May Want To Avoid Hot Yoga

For years, brown sun spots were thought to be solely from the sun.  Even after applying sunscreen faithfully, many were surprised to find brown spots popping up.  Research now shows us that it isn’t only from direct sunlight, but heat will also increase the possibility of getting skin discoloration. If you are someone prone to pigmentation and are trying to get it to fade, an important goal is to keep the temperature of the skin as cool as possible.

Are you a hot yoga (Bikram yoga) fan?  This is one practice that has become very popular, but temperatures can reach 95-105 degrees Fahrenheit in the room alone, causing your skin temperature to rise.  These high temps can stimulate too much melanin and exacerbate brown spots.  Consider a standard yoga class instead. Hot yoga is a very obvious example of placing yourself in extreme heat, but don’t forget that other activities such as taking a sauna or going for a run can do the same…

A quick way to cool down the skin to decrease the melanin activity is to keep a jar of Bio Calm Repair Masque in the refrigerator and apply to clean skin. Leave on 15 minutes and apply moisturizer. This will instantly reduce the skin temperature to keep it calm.

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    Thanks for responding (sorry I’m late in responding to your reply, I just now saw it). I’m glad you warned your readers of this because I am someone prone to this problem. I have stayed away from hot yoga ever since reading your blog post. I think I can get the same benefits of yoga without the heat. It really does make sense that the heat would cause melanocytes to be stimulated when I think about the basics of science, such as atoms being more active when the temperature is increased.

    Posted By: Pamela  | 

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    Do you have any links with scientific research to back up these claims? I can’t find anything online that states what you are claiming in this blog post.

    Posted By: Pamela  | 

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      No scientific research specifically on hot yoga classes but I’ve taken courses with UCLA skin research department and heat (increased temperature in the skin) stimulates melanin activity so anything that would increase heat to the skin can increase pigmentation in those that are GENETICALLY prone to it. Of course direct sun exposure is a culprit but heat is really a big problem. 25 years of hands-on experience working with clients has shown me this. You can read more here > Hope that helps, great question!

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 


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