Do Your Eyes Get Red and Sensitive? Your Facial Cleanser May Be the Problem


Of all the areas of the face, the eye area is the most sensitive. The inside of the eyes is very reactive and prone to irritation from particles from eye makeup and allergens in the environment. In addition, the skin around the eyes is extremely thin, making even using an eye cream difficult for some. (Many eye creams are loaded with synthetic fragrance and heavy oils that can seep into the eye causing eye irritation. Not the Renée Rouleau eye creams, of course!)

But did you know that the cleanser you wash your face with could also be a cause of irritation to your eyes? The reason is because when you wash your face, even though you may be very careful to not get a cleanser near your eyes and keeping your eyes closed, when you splash your skin to rinse off your cleanser in the sink, you’re splashing the entire face, including your eye area. Cleansers with ingredients such as peppermint, menthol, lavender, spearmint and lemon, while beneficial to the skin, can get on your lashes and travel into the eyes resulting in red, dry, irritated eyes. Synthetic fragrance used in skin care products could also be the cause of this irritation. (All the Renée Rouleau skin care products do not use synthetic fragrance.)..

What’s the solution? If you’re someone who experiences redness and irritation around your eyes, the solution is to either avoid cleansers with these ingredients, if you suspect your cleanser might be the problem, or for an easy fix, wipe your cleanser off with a damp washcloth or facial sponge instead of rinsing. (If you’re going to wipe off your cleanser baby washcloths or Renée Rouleau Facial Sponges are better choices since they are gentler to the skin.)

Also, be sure to use an eye makeup remover that is oil and fragrance free to prevent any unnecessary irritation like Soothing Eye Makeup Remover. It’s a no-sting formula!

Bottom line: the eye area is sensitive so you must care for this area very gently.

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