Avoiding Night Cream Means Moisture Loss. Use Night Cream

Skin Care Tip of the Day: Some people avoid using night creams to let their skin “breathe.” First of all, a night cream is no different than a moisturizer without a sunscreen. So you don’t have to use something called a night cream (companies use this as a marketing term.) Anything without a sunscreen will work well at night as long as it’s right for your skin type. And secondly, at night when your skin is at rest, the skin’s permeability is at its highest therefore allowing the action ingredients of a moisturizer to absorb deeper within the skin.

Simply put, your skin does its repair work at night while you sleep, so cleansing off the day’s oil, environmental debris and makeup followed with an application of a moisturizer will ensure your skin stays beautiful!…

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    How do I determine that I used enough moisturizer? I understand that over moisturizing may result in clogged pores.

    Posted By: Vera  | 

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      Use enough that you feel like you’re getting the hydration you need. Generally it’s the size of a nickel.

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 


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