Are You Investing in Your Skin? If Not, You Should Be

I have always been surprised by friends who will splurge on an expensive pair of shoes, yet they’ll wash their face with a $6.00 cleanser from the drugstore. You wear your face every single day so shouldn’t there be more thought and investment put into your skin—your very best accessory? I sure think so!

My point in talking about this is not to say that inexpensive products aren’t good and expensive products are better because I don’t believe that is always the case. (Check out Inexpensive Products vs. Expensive Products. Which are better?) …

But I do want to make the point of putting careful thought into what touches your skin. That includes products with quality ingredients and a focus on what’s inside the bottle. There are many ingredients that are used in inexpensive products that are cheap and of poor quality. Poor quality ingredients = poor quality results. It’s really that simple. Read our list of skin care ingredient no-no’s and if you never let those ingredients touch your skin, your skin will be much better off.

You also need to invest a little time in caring for your skin. Busy? Here is a simple, fast and easy skin care routine.

Beautiful skin begins at Renée Rouleau and it all starts by choosing your skin type.

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