5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Cotton Balls On Your Skin

stack of toning cloths

1. They are thick, absorbent and waste too much product (like toner and liquid eye makeup remover).

2. The round shape makes them awkward to handle.

3. If you’re a guy. Forget it. The cotton fibers get hung up on your beard.

4. Once wet, they can fall apart easily making them hard to work with.

5. For thin, sensitive skin they can feel scratchy on the skin


If you use cotton pads instead of cotton balls then reason #1,#3, #4 and #5 above still apply.

Instead use toning cloths! You’ll never go back to using cotton again.

Benefits of our Toning Cloths:

-They are thin, low-absorbing cloths that  won’t waste your product.

-50% thinner than cotton balls and cotton pads.

-You’ll save money since you won’t be going through your liquids as fast.

-Extremely gentle on the skin.

-Use them for everything you would use with cotton balls. Toner, eye makeup remover, nail polish remover…

“Renée Rouleau Toning Cloths—A life changing product.” –Marie Claire Magazine

Our clients love our Toning Cloths and we know you will, too!

Read our post 5 reasons why you should use a toner.

If you use our Toning Cloths, let us know what you think!

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  1. I held off buying toning cloths because I thought the thin cotton pads were doing ok. I finally relented and purchased the toning cloths…..DUH…. where have I been? These things are absolutely great. I use much less toner, my eye makeup comes off great, I love, love, love the toning cloths.

    Posted By: Evelyn Carruth  | 

  2. The Toning Cloths are great! I cringe at the thought of running out, and having to return to using cotton balls in the interim. And, it does conserve the liquid toner.

    Posted By: Marcy  | 


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