VIDEO: Mint Buffing Beads–A Facial scrub to Invigorate Tired Skin

We’ve reformulated our popular Mint Buffing Beads to make it even better for sensitive skin.

The scrub: Mint Buffing Beads is a gentle exfoliant to give the skin a healthy glow while smoothing the skin, reduce clogged pores and promote a brighter, more even-toned skin.

What’s in it: Unlike harsh natural grain scrubs that use apricot kernels and walnut husks, Mint Buffing Beads used perfectly round jojoba beadlets that gently roll across the skin without causing irritation or unnecessary sensitivity. Mint botanicals work to increase blood circulation to brighten and refresh tired skin.

Why you should use it: It leaves your skin feeling refreshed, renewed and glowing. Simply put, Mint Buffing Beads is a glow in a jar!

Watch this video to see Renée share why Mint Buffing Beads is a product you’ll want to have in your routine!…


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