The Upside of Having Acne

If you’re someone who is currently experiencing a lot of acne or are someone who used to get blemishes pretty badly in your younger years, consider yourself lucky. What??? Yes, I believe in a lot of cases it can be true, and I will also share a study proving it.

Let me explain.

With 27 years of being an esthetician now, and working hands-on with clients with sensitive, acne-prone skin, one thing I have found to be true is that those who make their skin a priority and take care of it day in and day out with good skin care habits are the ones who often have the best-looking skin in their adult years. And the ones who do this the best are those that have a history of acne. Why is this? Because when you’re someone who has trouble with your skin and want it to be clearer, you HAVE to take care of it because ignoring it will only make blemishes worse.

Sleep with makeup on? Nope. That surely doesn’t happen for someone who is acne-prone. How about using just any old cheap, low-quality skin care product? Nope. That certainly won’t work either. Never seeing a dermatologist or esthetician for help with your skin? Nope again. Most likely, you put your skin in their expert hands and got their expert advice (and followed it to a T!) on a regular basis.

In the process of dealing with your skin troubles, you probably picked up some really good habits like paying attention to skin care ingredients, using only high-quality products for your unique skin type, faithfully washing your face every morning and night and getting facials regularly to keep your pores clear, prevent new blemishes and even out discoloration from acne scars. Many people who suffer from acne in their youth often become estheticians themselves because they develop a passion for skin care and want to help others prevent the problems that they personally encountered. On the flip side, I can’t tell you how many people I meet in my travels who have never had any problems with their skin and therefore barely take care of it. And you know what? In a lot of cases, it shows once they get into their 40s with premature wrinkles and a dullness due to neglect.

Breakouts will come and go, as will the discolored marks left behind. But getting into good skin care habits will last a lifetime—and the rewards will pay off in the long run.

As for what this study has shown, people who have previously suffered from acne have longer telomeres in their white blood cells compared to those with perfect skin. These telomeres ― sometimes referred to as protective caps ― help keep chromosomes from deteriorating. As a result, cells are better insulated against aging.

So there you have it, two solid reasons why acne just may work in your favor!

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One final thought, of course, not all types of acne are equal and those who experienced severe acne can also have scarring and indents as a result of it, so they must work extra hard in their adult years to smooth out their skin’s texture. Usually, long term use of a good retinol or prescription retinoid product like Advanced Resurfacing Serum or Retin-A will help this dramatically. If this sounds like you, start using one ASAP. With continued use, it can make a huge improvement.

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