The Skin Through the Ages

What is skin? Skin is a flexible, stretchable, highly protective, interactive, and exceptionally communicative container for the body. It protects us from UV light, regulates heat and cold, heals wounds, naturally exfoliates to rid itself of bacteria, and acts as a communicator to let us know when something has changed inside of our body. Because of all of its functions and the way the body changes from year to year, our skin will certainly respond to the different stages in our life.

In Your 20’s

What’s Going On: Skin cells are regenerating fast, giving your skin a flawless, radiant look. The collagen and elastin fibers in the skin give a plumped-up look. Your skin may still suffer from occasional acne breakouts, oiliness and clogged pores which are carried over from hormone fluctuation in the adolescent years. Read about the different types of blemishes and how to best treat them. But the acne years are mostly over, so you must discontinue the use of harsh, drying products. It’s time to get serious about your skin and develop a good, basic skin care routine to be used morning and night. How will your skin age? It’s based on your ethnicity.

Recommended Product: Use Renée Rouleau AHA/BHA Cleansing Gel to wash the skin. It’s sulfate-free so it won’t over dry the skin, yet is formulated with Jojoba beads, Salicylic and Glycolic Acids to exfoliate and destroy acne-causing bacteria from the skin. Perfect for those in their 20’s since you still can get break outs, but don’t need to be using harsh acne products.

Professional Skin Treatments: Corrective skin peels like Renée Rouleau Ultrasonic Peel or Cranberry Enzyme Peel are a great treatment added on to any facial to combat occasional break outs while keeping the skin smooth and the pores clear.

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In Your 30’s

What’s Going On: It’s a time of babies, stress and hormonal swings that can wreak havoc on your skin! Growth hormones start to slow down, so the skin won’t repair itself as it did in your 20’s. Breakouts can often occur in the form of cystic acne, those hard, sore underground blemishes that linger for weeks. Many women will also develop “pregnancy mask” (skin discoloration known as melasma) during pregnancy so it’s important to use a natural skin lightener to minimize this condition. How will your skin age? It’s based on your ethnicity. Exfoliation using AHA’s and enzymes also helps to jump start cell turnover and boost the metabolism of the cells keeping the skin acting young. There is strong evidence that certain vitamins (A, C, E and Zinc) applied topically to the skin can prevent the breakdown of collagen through the reduction of free radicals created by smoking, drinking, exercise, UV sunlight and pollution. Antioxidants in your skin care products and in your foods are a must for anti-aging. Read the best antioxidant foods.

Recommended Product: Renée Rouleau Vitamin C & E Treatment works both as a skin lightener (and safe to use while pregnant) to keep the skin even-toned and the blend of both stabilized Vitamin C and Vitamin E provide powerful antioxidant protection.

Professional Skin Treatments: Our Cranberry Brasion Facial is the perfect facial for skin in their 30’s because of the exfoliation and hydration this facial offers. The exfoliation helps to break up pigmented cells, smooth the skin while stimulating cellular turnover and Hyaluronic Acid is used to deeply hydrate the skin. Don’t have time for regular professional facials? Here’s how to give your skin a facial at home.

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In Your 40’s

What’s Going On: These are the peri-menopausal years when estrogen levels start to decline. Estrogen is stored in the fat cells, and as estrogen decreases, the skin will start to lose its tone. Estrogen is a natural anti-inflammatory and since it’s dropped, many people can be sensitive to skin care ingredients that once were agreeable with the skin. This is also a time when skin redness and dilated capillaries start to appear. Read: How will your skin age? It’s based on your ethnicity. It’s time to “get serious” about your skin and it’s never too late to achieve skin health. The combination of both topical applications of Vitamin C and internal antioxidants from foods creates an ideal synergy and will play an important role in maintaining a youthful appearance.

Recommended Product: Because the 40’s start to bring on sensitive skin, yet the skin still needs exfoliation, you’ll love our Triple Berry Smoothing Peel.

Professional Skin Treatments: Is your skin in need of serious repair? Our Skin Repair Program is a six week series of peels and skin repair treatments to resurface the skin while fading hyperpigmentation and softening the appearance of wrinkles.

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In Your 50’s

What’s Going On: Menopause. There is a sharp decrease in estrogen and the weakening of collagen and elastin fibers, which causes the skin to lose that “cushion” resulting in the loss of skin tone. Introduce your skin to “sun damage repair” and “collagen boosting” skin peels and products. Due to the loss of moisture in the skin, it’s important to replace lost moisture topically with oil-based moisturizers, as well as increasing essential fatty acids in your diet to give your body the moisture it needs. Rosacea, a chronic skin disorder affecting as many as 14 million Americans could now be in full swing. While the cause is still unknown, the redness in the skin can be quite noticeable. Anti-inflammatory and calming products with ingredients like Chamomile, Sea Whip, Blue Azulene and White Tea are should be used daily to keep symptoms at bay.

Recommended Product: For skins with rosacea, Renée Rouleau Soothing Relief Serum cools heat-activated skin to reduce redness and symptoms related to this condition.

Professional Skin Treatments: Our Redness Relief Facial is excellent for those with redness, sensitivity and rosacea to calm, soothe and sedate the skin. Our Photo Rejuvenation Facial helps to encourage collagen production to keep the skin looking smooth and plump. Add on a Bio Visage Lifting Treatment for a skin tightening boost.

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In Your 60’s

What’s Going On: AAs hormone levels are now returning to normal, the material that attaches the skin to the bone, called fascia, is deteriorating causing the skin to continue to lose tone. Skin sensitivity is lessened; so many skins with redness may find that they are less red, and in fact, skin circulation has slowed down significantly so people in their 60’s will see a dullness in their skin. Read tips to get your skin glowing. Intensive topical moisture is important to keep the skin looking moist and dewy, while regular exercise will help keep good circulation in the skin and body to retain that vibrancy. However, capillaries are more fragile, so you may want to ease up on facial scrubs and Microdermabrasion.

Recommended Product: Renée Rouleau Pure Radiance Cream Mask uses 14 different skin stimulating oils to intensively hydrate the skin while giving a boost of circulation to give the skin the glow it needs.

Professional Skin Treatments:  Our Synergy 3 Facial takes three of the best age-defying facials and combines them into one amazing 75 minute treatment based on three different focuses: deep cleanse, resurface, and lift & firm. Our Photo Rejuvenation Facial helps to encourage collagen production to keep the skin looking smooth and plump. Add on a Bio Visage Lifting Treatment for a skin tightening boost.

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In Your 70’s And Beyond

What’s Going On: The skin has thinned out, and intensive moisture is key. Use oil-based moisturizers to replace lost moisture topically and essential fatty acids in your diet to give your skin moisture from both inside and out. Enjoy your golden years by spending time with those you love. Treat yourself to regular facials to keep your skin looking radiant and to give yourself much-needed pampering for your years of hard work.

Recommended Product: In the 70’s and beyond, keeping the skin moist and dewy is a must. Renée Rouleau Hawaiian Nourishing Cream uses a marine extract found on the shores of the Hawaiian Islands to increase skin firmness and moisture.

Professional Skin Treatments: Our Photo Rejuvenation Facial uses Infrared Pulsed Light to help keep collagen fibers strong, while a freeze-dried collagen mask helps to deliver moisture deep into the skin.

And some final words of wisdom from skin care expert, Renée Rouleau. It’s never too late (or too early) to start caring for your skin! Wear a sunscreen/moisturizer every day, rain or shine. Avoid bar soap. Use good quality skin care products. Avoid smoking. Treat your skin to regular facials. Practice self acceptance. Surround yourself with positive, happy people. Laugh often. Never stop learning. And you’ll have a lifetime of beautiful, glowing skin.

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