Should You Get Botox to Prevent Wrinkles?

Updated 11/1/15. Frown lines, forehead furrows, and lines around the eyes are due to the repetitive folding of the skin from facial expressions. The more you move the muscles, the more quickly lines and wrinkles will form. Because of this, a common question I’m asked is, “It it helpful for me to get Botox to help prevent lines and wrinkles from forming or getting worse?”

My answer is yes and no.

YES if…

You are someone who ‘talks with your face.’ People who are very expressive when they talk and are moving their face all over the place, should consider BOTOX® Cosmetic; because by the time they are in their mid to late 30’s, when visible wrinkles are really starting to appear, they will look much older than others their age. Again, this is because of the wear and tear and breakdown of collagen and elasticity within the skin from continuous daily facial movements.

You look at other people and friends and you have far more wrinkles and furrows than others your age. Not only could this indicate that you are a face talker but also certain people (due to their heritage) have bigger facial muscles in their skin naturally. The forehead is a perfect example of this. Generally, medium to darker skin tones (Latins, Hispanics, African Americans, and Europeans) will have stronger and larger muscles in their forehead whereas fair skin tones (Irish, Scandinavian, or Scottish) don’t have as much. When you have larger muscles in the forehead with continuous movement, you are essentially making those muscles stronger, allowing for deeper visible creases faster. The more you move the muscles, the more wrinkles will form.

NO if…

You are in your 20’s and are starting to see fine lines appear around the eyes. Fine lines are much more superficial than wrinkles and don’t always respond well to Botox. In addition, fines lines are a fact of life and will start to show around the eyes usually between ages of 28-30, so this is considered normal and it’s healthy to embrace them, not be terrified of them. I do recommend using a well-formulated eye cream like Vitamin C Eye Brightener or Total Eye Repair Cream to keep this delicate area nourished and protected.

You are someone who thinks a flawless face is an entirely wrinkle-free face. A quest for absolutely no wrinkles can result in an unnatural (or scary or comical) appearance over time.

In summary, Botox can be effectively used as a preventative measure to reduce the muscular contraction and therefore slow down the wear and tear that leads to premature wrinkles. It will reduce wrinkles caused from muscular contraction, but does not prevent wrinkles present from sun damage. So wearing a sunscreen moisturizer formulated for your skin type daily is very important. Also, generally a person should get Botox when their wrinkles show AT REST. Meaning, Botox doesn’t work well for ones that only show when making a particular facial expression, like smiling.

I do have mixed feelings about Botox, however. I think more and more people are seeing it as a viable anti-aging solution for their skin. But I believe people really miss the boat when it comes to beautiful, youthful-looking skin. I think beautiful skin is about having an even skin tone with the fewest blemishes, clogged pores, and smallest pore size possible; along with a smooth texture. NOT a skin completely free of all lines and wrinkles. Botox, while it will prevent and soften the appearance of wrinkles, it will not prevent crinkly, wrinkled skin from sun damage. Having leathery, sun-damaged skin will not look any better with a frozen forehead free of wrinkles.

Improving the appearance of the skin by focusing on its overall texture, brightness, and clarity is often overlooked. The way to achieve this is with long term use of a well-formulated product with Retinol, or a prescription retinoid, if your skin can tolerate it. For sensitive skin types, I highly recommend Advanced Resurfacing Serum used at night about five times a week. Using a Retinol product to resurface the skin is not immediate gratification like Botox is, but rather a long term investment in truly changing the overall texture of your skin. Over time, the skin will look younger and smoother and will continue to do so throughout the years. In my opinion, I believe topical vitamin A (Retinol) is truly the fountain of youth and highly encourage you to use vitamin A on your skin in your evening routine. With continued use, you’ll love the look of your skin. Also, the addition of regular professional chemical peels performed by a trusted and experienced esthetician and at-home peels like the Renée Rouleau Triple Berry Smoothing Peel will achieve this. Be good to your skin. After all, you’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.

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  1. I love this article, thank you Renee. It brings up a question that I have had lately on Face Yoga to tone the face muscles and lift the skin. What is your opinion on it? You mentioned that continual exercise will create more wrinkles. Is this the same as face yoga, or can it actually help?
    Thank you!

    Posted By: Kristin Robinson  | 

    • If face yoga is creating a lot of movement on the skin, and it’s recommended to use daily, I personally wouldn’t suggest using it. There is already plenty of movement going on with the skin from talking, laughing, yawning and smiling, all which create wear and tear for the skin’s elasticity.

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 

  2. What do you think of microdermabrasion?

    Posted By: Debra  | 

  3. Hey Rene…It’s me, Jeffs oldest sister. Not sure if you remember, but I was a client for a short time when you started out in Wellesley…..too many years have gone by and too many wrinkles have shown up. A couple of years ago I had collagen injected into the marionette lines around my mouth, they didn’t go away completely, but are better. I am now thinking about Botox between my eyes….this can get pricey for a lunch lady as I know the effects only last 3-6 months depending. Is there anything that may last a bit longer than Botox. I also have deeper wrinkles below the corners of my mouth….these I hate worse. My dermatologist said something about going in with a needle and breaking up scar tissue. Not sure what this is about and its been a long time since he and I spoke about it, so there may be something new out there that would work better.

    My big issues is again the cost of these treatments and how do I find someone in my area. Southern VT might as well be the moon as far as ‘health and beauty’ salons and finding a reputable skin care professional. Have any ideas?

    Congrats on your success!

    Posted By: Leslie Hall  | 

    • Hello Leslie! Nice to hear from you! I would go back into your derm (and actually, consult with a few of them) to see their latest offerings. The needle thing is called microneedling, which is one of the newer treatments. But unfortunately, all of these treatments are not cheap but it’s always good to get a professional opinion so you can make an educated decision. Hope that helps a little. As for finding a reputable place, read this for a few tips that might be helpful

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 

      • Rene, Many thanks for your advice. Unfortunately living where I do there are not many skin care salons and I may stick with my current dermatologist for these treatments.

        I have a follow up question….Adult acne and wrinkles. I see that you have several products available for both. I sometimes get lost in all the different options available, get overwhelmed and just buy whatever. I currently use Oxy Wash and the cleansing pads. I exfoliate every AM with a combo. apricot scrub and a gentle facial cleansing liquid. Three nights a week I use baking soda to exfoliate with as well, and I use witch hazel as a toner….quite a boatload of stuff I know. The hard part is that I’m also trying to use animal friendly products. Any advice?
        Thanks again,

        Posted By: Leslie Hall  | 

  4. Please let me know what to do! I am going to be 39 this coming week, I feel 25 inside but look mid 40’s! I have always been fairly active, eat pretty healthy but I may not drink as much water as I should nor do I consume much fatty oils. I am being consumed by how my skin looks and feels. I have always had dry skin and a day without applying lotion to my entire body would feel like I lost my best friend. Over the past 3 years have become worse. I am tight, dry, itchy all over my body as if i am making no oils! My face is aging especially around my eyes, I flake more than I do not on my body now, especially legs, I’ve noticed a huge change in my overall skin texture like fine wrinkling lines depleted of moisture, appears a little saggy on my arms, legs, just not firm. I cry, my self confidence has diminished. I am looking so old too fast. I feel like there is no firming, collagen, moisture… I am lost. I feel like not even letting my husband see me without bathing in lotion first. Its my deep secret. Any advice, please. Thank you 🙂

    Posted By: Jamie  | 

    • Hi Jamie, I’m sorry you’re discouraged with your skins appearance. I would really recommend you consult with a skin care professional. Unfortunately being active and eating healthy (while great lifestyle habits) will not dramatically change the skin concerns you have. I would really suggest you schedule a virtual consultation with us. We can definitely develop a game plan for you to get you to like what you see when you look in the mirror 🙂 Details here

      Posted By: Renée Rouleau  | 


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