If You’re Not in Direct Sunlight, Your SPF Will Last All Day

Skin Care Tip of the Day: You’ve been told over and over that you must reapply your sunscreen every two hours to get adequate protection. But what about reapplying during the day when you’re at work or home and not really outside? Are you supposed to wash your makeup off, put on sunscreen again and apply your makeup all over again? Nope!

Sunscreens degrade only when in direct UV light. So if you’re at the beach, by the pool, gardening or exercising outdoors, then you must reapply every two hours.

If it’s just a regular day when you’re at work, in your house or driving in the car, your sunscreen will provide all-day protection.

Tip: We do also suggest layering your SPF with additional mineral makeup that contains SPF. It gives an extra layer of sun protection.

And remember, foundation makeup containing SPF is not enough! You must have it built into your moisturizer to properly coat and protect the skin cells…

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  1. Hi Renee! Your tips and products have helped my skin tremendously!! I believe you and your products are miracle workers! For my make up I don’t use foundation- I use a tinted moisturizer that says it has SPF 30. Is this enough for school/ work days when I’m not out in the sun for extended periods of time? Or is a tinted moisturizer more like a foundation than a moisturizer with spf? I have been curious about this since I read on your blog that spf in foundation is not enough so I figured this was the perfect time to ask. Thank you!

    Posted By: Christina  | 

  2. Renee Rouleau

    Glad you love our tips and products!

    Most of the tinted moisturizers don’t have enough actual block so it isn’t as effective as wearing pure sunscreen. Plus, most people don’t apply enough of it to properly protect the skin. I recommend our Daily Protection SPF 30 because it’s very light and dries to a matte finish, then apply a bit of your tinted moisturizer over it.

    Posted By: Renee Rouleau  | 

  3. Thanks Renee! That will be in my next order!

    Posted By: Christina  | 


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