Got a Special Event? Skin Care Tips to Look Your Best

Tomorrow I’ll be spending the day filming skin tip videos that will soon be launching here on the blog, Facebook fan page, Twitter and on our website. If you like reading my skin care tips, you’ll love watching the videos!

Of course, being on camera makes me extra conscious of insuring my skin looks its best, so here’s a few things that I’ll be doing today and tonight to the skin on my face.

-I’ll take it easy on exercise. My skin can get red and flushed from running (especially now that the temperatures are heating up here in Texas) so I’ll go for a nice walk instead. Post-exercise redness combined with on-camera nerves may make my skin look blotchy so I want to eliminate at least one of those…

-I’ll drink a lot of water today. Particularly to help control under eye puffiness, drinking a lot of water really helps to prevent excess fluids from building up around my eyes.

-I’ll eat a low sodium dinner. Eating foods high in sodium in the evening will almost always result in morning under eye puffiness for me. I’ll probably just have a light salad. (Read: Can pickles cause puffy eyes?)

-I’ll treat my skin to a peel and mask. Hands down, my very favorite skin treatment to guarantee my skin is glowing is to first use Mint Buffing Beads massaged over the skin for 30 seconds. I’ll rinse well and apply a thin coat of Triple Berry Smoothing Peel to my face and leave on for 8 minutes. I’ll rinse that off and apply a few drops of Skin Drink followed by a thick coat of Bio Calm Repair Masque. (I leave this mask in the refrigerator so that it’s really calming and soothing when applied to the skin.) I’ll rinse well and apply Sheer Moisture—my favorite warm weather moisturizer. I’ll then apply a tiny bit of Vitamin C Eye Serum around the eyes. Voila!

-I’ll get a good night’s sleep. Without proper sleep, not only will you feel tired, but look it too. (Read: Why does my skin look better after a good night’s sleep?)

-I’ll sleep on two pillows to elevate my head. Another strategy to help reduce morning under eye puffiness by draining fluids.

-I’ll exfoliate my neck. I have always tried to pay careful attention to my neck by faithfully applying sunscreen and that area exfoliating regularly. Tonight I will apply the Micro Crystal Cream to my neck, look up at the ceiling (to keep the skin taut while exfoliating) and massage in circular motions for 60 seconds. It’s important to not apply a lot of pressure when exfoliating the neck as the skin is very sensitive and can get red easily. I’ll rinse and apply the Hawaiian Nourishing Cream to give intensive hydration.

I hope you find these tips helpful next time you have a special occasion where you must look your best!

P.S. I’ll bleach my teeth, too!

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