Why January Is The Best Month For Brown Spots

Pigmentation, hyper pigmentation, skin discoloration, and brown spots are a huge concern for many people, and of all of the skin concerns that one may have, their treatment proves the most stubborn. I’m often asked “What’s the best products for fading brown spots?”

Pigmentation comes from hormones, genetics, birth control pills, and injury to the skin, such as compulsive skin pickers. (Read: Are You Guilty Of Picking At Your Skin?) But what can really accelerate pigmentation is overheated skin from the sun, and activities such as saunas and exercise. These common occurrences can trigger melanin cells, which will exacerbate this condition. So during the summer months, especially for those in the southern states (where temperatures average in the 90s, and 100s) skin discoloration is at its worst.

What I know to be true from working with clients is once the fall months are underway, and the air and temperatures are cooler, the heat is not working against you anymore. So what will happen with hyper pigmentation is the brown spots will fade naturally on its own, simply because of the cooler temperatures. If you add in a skin lightener (like Vitamin C&E Treatment) and exfoliating products (like Triple Berry Smoothing Peel), this will expedite the fading of summer-induced pigmentation.

By January, when you are several months out of the summer heat, that is when I find and can assess for my clients the true extent of their discoloration problems…

Whether or not you use skin lighteners and exfoliating products to treat the condition, if the issue is still prominent in January, then you definitely want to put your skin in the hands of a skin care professional to fight the deeper underlying skin issues with chemical peels, laser treatments and at-home skin care products.

Bottom line:
In January, it’s as good as it gets. Your skin’s true colors are revealed, allowing you to determine how severe your pigmentation problems truly are. Armed with this knowledge, it is up to you to determine how to proceed.

My very favorite products for fading brown spots are:

Bio Calm Repair Masque – for calming heat-activated skin to lessen melanin activity. Shop here.

BHA Clarifiying Serum – with powerful Salicylic Acid to lift brown spots and discoloration (even those from leftover from acne) Shop here.

Vitamin C&E Treatment – for fading stubborn brown spots. This works wonders. Shop here.

Daily Protection SPF 30 or Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 30 – depending on your skin type, these are two powerful sunscreens to filter out damaging UV rays that can exacerbate brown spots. Shop here.

Triple Berry Smoothing Peel– a celebrity favorite. This gives professional results at home to even out skin tone and reveal healthy, glowing skin.  See this picture of the beautiful Sofia Vergara with our Triple Berry Peel here. Shop here.

Advanced Resurfacing Serum – this wrinkle-reducing, brown spot-fading serums uses pure retinol to reveal more even toned skin without harsh side effects. It’s truly a miracle when used long term. Shop here.

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