Want to Make Your Pores Look Smaller? Try This Simple Trick!


Of all the skin concerns that I’m asked about most often, I’d have to say that large pores ranks near the top of the list.

Here’s a simple tip for reducing large pores!

Washing with very, very cold water will constrict the vessels making pores look tighter. Unfortunately, it’s not long-lasting, but it will make a temporary improvement.

What’s the best way to shrink large pores? 

The best way to reduce the appearance of large pores is to exfoliate often. By using a combination of both physical exfoliants (facial scrubs with round grains) and chemical exfoliants (like alcohol-free glycolic acid) on a regular basis, this will help remove surface dry cells so the opening of the pores are less deep making them look smaller. Chemical exfoliants also get into the pores and help to keep them cleaned out.

Bottom line: you can’t shrink the pores, but you can definitely make them look smaller when using the right combination of products. Check out our nine skin types to see which exfoliating skin care products are best for your skin.

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