The Best Skin Accessory to Use with Your Toner

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In my line, I now have 72 skin care products, but did you know that our #1 best-selling product is our Toning Cloths? More than any other product we sell, it’s these amazing little cloths designed to use with toner and quite honestly, anything that you would normally use with a cotton ball.

So I thought I would do a visual comparison so you can see for yourself why these Toning Cloths are such a sought-after product.

Here’s how they are different from cotton balls and cotton pads (rounds or squares).

-Ultra thin for less product waste. As you can see from the photo, they are certainly much thinner than cotton balls, but even a lot thinner than a cotton pad. So why does this benefit you? Well, this means that you have less product waste so you save money. You’ll use about 75% less product than a cotton ball and about 40% less from a cotton pad…

-Less bulky for easier use. Particularly with cotton balls, they are hard to glide against the skin because they fall apart when they are wet. Toning Cloths stay put in your fingers and are easy to manage.

-No fuzz or shredding cotton fibers. Since a Toning Cloth is not 100% cotton, they don’t leave fuzz everywhere when applied to the face. This makes Toning Cloths ideal for contact lens wearers who can’t get any anything in their eyes and for men with facial hair that don’t want to leave any white cotton behind on their skin. Toning Cloths use a blend of rayon, cotton (just a little) and polyester.

-Extremely gentle on the skin. Cotton fibers can feel scratchy and irritating on thin, sensitive skins, but not our Toning Cloths. They feel very soft and gentle when they glide across the skin.

Simply put, you’ll never go back to cotton again. You can use them for anything you would normally use with a cotton ball — from nail polish remover to eye makeup remover. (Sensitive eyes? See our popular Soothing Eye Makeup Remover for very sensitive eyes.)

Even Marie Claire magazine said “Toning Cloths are a life changing product.” I highly suggest you give them a try!

You can find Toning Cloths here.

Bonus: They come in a box made of 100% recycled paperboard!

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