Summer Sun Protection for Scalps

Did you know that the scalp is one of the most overlooked areas for sun protection? This would certainly explain why it’s a common place for skin cancer. Particularly for those with light blonde hair, the transparency of the hair itself, particularly when worn in a part, can cause sunburns. I had plenty of scalp sunburns in my childhood. So here are three helpful tips for protecting your scalp from the sun.

Wear a hat

Obviously, this is the most fool-proof way to protect the scalp…

Avoid parting your hair

Having a part, whether on the side or in the middle, can create a long, exposed area of scalp, making it very susceptible to sunburns. So pulling your hair all the way back and not letting a part show through can make a big difference.

Apply sunscreen to exposed scalp

If you wear a part in your hair, then you will want to apply sunscreen to that area by simply spraying down the part area. Don’t want to get your scalp greasy and disrupt your hair? Sprinkle in SPF-infused mineral powder, which usually have a minimum SPF 20 (be sure to get one to match your hair color!). I personally enjoy using the ColoreScience line of mineral powders available for purchase here.

Sunburns of the scalp can be very painful, so don’t neglect this area when spending time outdoors.

Do you have any special tricks for protecting your scalp when outdoors? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. There’s a great product by MoniMay, Inc. called Hair Shadz which protects the scalp with spf 15, is a dry shampoo, and blends your roots. It comes in 10 colors for people who color their hair. And for kids and if you don’t color, the clear shade is Sun Shadz. It’s all natural. Whole Foods has it. The creator’s mother died from melanoma of the scalp. It’s an awesome product.

    Posted By: skinny mogul  | 

  2. I got a sunburn on my part on Mother’s Day! And a tiny bit on my forehead where the part started. I kind of thought it was funny. Luckily it didn’t peel!

    Posted By: Teresa  | 


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