Smoking Is Not The Only Cause Of Wrinkles Around The Lips

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Part of the aging process is the appearance of lines and wrinkles above and below the lips. These vertical lines are especially frustrating for non-smokers as you may have always been told that the pursing action of the lips from smoking is the main cause. Well, this is not the only reason why people can get them, in fact, it may just be something else. Drinking out of water bottles. Let me explain. I recently visited my sister in Florida and we got to talking about skin. (A common conversation with most that I encounter. Shocker, huh?) My sister is a heavy smoker and has been for many years. She also exclusively drinks water, at least 8-10 bottles a day, sipping from a water bottle.

At age 46, she has her share of vertical lines around her lips and always thought they were from smoking. But recently she noticed that when she takes a puff from a cigarette, her top lip stays completely neutral and only her bottom lip does the work in pursing to hold the cigarette. So I asked to see what she means and sure enough while smoking, only her bottom lip was doing the work. She said she thinks it must be from all the water she drinks. So in showing me that movement, we both agreed that for her, this must be it. (Granted, smoking does break down collagen and elasticity in the skin over all causing wrinkles to appear faster.)

Wrinkles are a fact of life. From age, hormones, time, genetics, sun damage and general wear and tear, these are inevitable but if you’re wanting to slow down their appearance, do consider any movements that create an expression you are trying to avoid. In the case of my sister, she now drinks her water out of a glass with a wide mouth since this doesn’t create the pursing action as much.

So what can you do for lines and wrinkles around the mouth? Watch this video to find out.

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